Spending $ Abroad

The advent of ATMs worldwide has made getting cash on the road easier.…

By Ann Brown


Overseas Bargains

Think you’re getting a steal of a deal on that Rolex watch you…

By Ann Brown


Choosing The Right Wine

Your professional and consumer lifestyle guide Take the confusion out of decidingwhat to bring to your next dinner party

When someone takes the time and effort to invite you into their home for…

By Herb Boyd


Festival Time In Gambia

Your Professional and consumer lifestyle guide Twenty years after `Roots,' a country invites African Americans home

When Alex Haley wrote his best-selling novel, Roots, two decades ago this year, it…

By Lloyd Gite


Breaking Into The Fashion Biz

It's an industry cloaked in glamour, yet black designers need more than just talent to thrive.

Internationally known fashion designer Jeffrey Banks knew as a child growing up in Washington,…

By Lloyd Gite


First-Time Homebuyer’s Guide

The hurdles are high, but here aretips for making your first move your best

If you’re thinking of buying your first home, now’s the time. Housing starts are…

By Michelle Webb


Sow Entrepreneurship Reap Employment

Black business growth over the last decade hasbeen substantial, but is it enough to change thelarger employment picture for African Americans?

Over the last several years, Nathaniel Goldston, CEO of Atlanta-based Gourmet Companies, has watched…

By Eric L. Smith


Now That The Smoke Has Cleared…

The year-long repositioning of Black investment banks has produced some unexpected winners andlosers. Here's how the new landscape shapes up.

Sunday evening, september 29: Napoleon Brandford III meets Muriel Siebert over dinner.
There is little…

By Yolonda Gault Caviness


Liberty And Profit For All

By stepping in when other banks gave up, Liberty Bank & Trust has created a profit centera profit center for Louisiana's black community

Alden J. Mcdonald Jr. has the look of a man being sold a bill…

By Eric L. Smith


United We Stand

The cooperative economics of consolidatingresources is the trend helping black-ownedbanks capture new customers in new markets

It appears that black-owned financial institutions learned some significant lessons in 1996. The conservative…

By Carolyn M. Brown


The Freshman Class Of ’97

This year's neophytes include an operator of convenience stores, a technical services contractorand a former football pro turned sausage magnate

Excuse their swagger. But breaking into an exclusive club such as the largest listing…

By Derek T. Dingle


Selling Into The Stratosphere

With an empire anchored by four of the covetedSaturn dealerships, Martin Automative Group CEO Cornelius Martin is flying rings around the competition

Growing up on a farm in greenville, kentucky, taught Cornelius Martin that hard work…

By Cassandra Hayes


The Branding Of Bet

First, Robert Johnson created a black cable programming company. Then he took BET Holdings public. Now he has alliances with such major players as Microsoft. What will he do for an encore?

It seems appropriate that bet holdings inc. Is headquartered in Washington, D.C., Chocolate City.…

By Tariq K. Muhammad


Pursuing A Strategic Vision

B.E. 100s CEOs are focused on maintainingtheir competitive edge today, while positioningtheir companies for tomorrow's opportunities

The chief executives of the Black Enterprise 100s, the nation’s largest conglomerate of black-owned…

By Derek T. Dingle

Ed Lewis

Marathon Men

These CEOs have led their companies to perennial status on the B.E. 100s list. Here are their predictions for the next quarter century.

Many businesses have made the BE 100s over the 25-year history of the list. Several…

By Marjorie Whigham-Desir

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Milestones Of The B.E. 100s

A look at a quarter-century of major events which shaped the growth of the nation's largest black-owned businesses

Whether they’ve used conservative or risky strategies, BLACK ENTERPRISE is proud to have chronicled the…

By Alfred Edmond, Jr.

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Running To Win

John W. Thompson leads the pack at IBM

In January, IBM’s John W. Thompson was handed a very big baton in what…

By Hal Karp


Unspoken Rules

If the resounding thud of your head hitting the glass ceiling has become…

By Denolyn Carroll


Lead The Way

Your career strategist

Since 1980, the Leadership Education And Development Program in Business (LEAD) has partnered…

By Cassandra Hayes


Selling Million-Dollar Turf

Occupation: Real estate broker
Job description: Helps clients buy or sell real estate. Manages…

By Cassandra Hayes