Daystar Research's exclusive report for Black Enterprise reveals the schools with the best environments for black collegians

When Lisa Hollingsworth was searching for a college three years ago, she could have…

By Thomas LaVeist


3Winning Portfolios

If you had $10,000 to invest, wherewould you put your money? We ask top money managers to share their strategies and picks.

Dear Mr. or Ms. Overachiever, you with the tower of resolutions so high you’ll…

By James A. Anderson


Forecast ’99

What are the best financial moves to make this year? Here's a look at key investments to build wealth while buffering market bumps.

Goldilocks finally choked on her porridge. For years, the U.S. has enjoyed a "not…

By Donald Jay Korn


Safety for less

A lower price makes treasury bonds more affordable for all

There’s good news and bad news for bond investors. First, if the tremors,…

By Olayinka Fadahunsi


Follow the leaders

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em in the market, says Paradigm's Russ Ewing

As a strategy, it can be summed up in one word: tailgating. Portfolio manager…

By James A. Anderson


Profiting from promotional products

Follow these steps to market your business

Troy Nalls, president of Answer Austin Inc., an Austin, Texas, voice-mail service, likes…

By Mark Richard Moss


Profits in print

Regional magazine targets African Americans

A successful magazine launch is no small feat-about 400-500 magazines start each year,…

By Lisa Summerour


Y2K Rx

IMRI finds technical solutions for firms with computer woes

Even techno-phobes have heard of the millennium bug-the glitch that could cause a…

By Melba Newsome


Boost your bottom line through referrals

How others can help increase your profits

No doubt you’ve asked a friend or colleague to recommend a good plumber or…

By Gerda Gallop


Organize those T&E receipts

Tired of having your travel and entertainment receipts in disarray? Make organizing them…

By Ann Brown


Golf course etiquette

Carl Williams, founder of Sports & Entertainment, Inc., an L.A.-based company that manages…

By Ann Brown



Bold costumes, music, dance and 10,000 people are the ingredients for the Bahamas…

By Ann Brown


Getting a handle on road rage

What you need to know to put your anger at bay

It begins with a stiff neck, an occasional leg cramp or a racing…

By Kevin Anderson


Getting nickeled and dimed?

Here's how phone companies are simplifying your phone bill Karen Gutloff

Does your phone bill read more like the phone book? Endless pages of charges…

By Karen Gutloff


The future of computer monitors

Flat panel displays are making their way to your desktop

Is your computer monitor hogging space on your desk? Soon you’ll be able to…

By John W. Ellis IV


Surf the Web hands free!

Conversa Web lets your voice do the clicking

Surfing the Web no longer has to be strictly point and click. Conversa…

By Tariq K. Muhammad


Building a better Web site

A great site starts with a great plan

Web surfers are ready to spend money. With a small investment of time and…

By Rebecca Frances Rohan


Black Investment for the 21st Century

As calls for blacks to invest more aggressively become more insistent, our Board of economists examines the potential for building wealth in the new millennium

Well, the blinders had to come off at some point. After decades of being…

By Eric L. Smith


Up for arbitration

How to get the most out of alternative dispute resolution programs

That’s it! You’re convinced that you didn’t get the promotion because of your age.…

By Phaedra Brotherton


Too scared for words?

Learn how to give stage fright the boot

Franchella Slater was always sociable and outgoing. So when she was asked to…

By Robyn D. Clarke


Don’t stay mad…

Make disappointment work for you

It took Anita Bunkley roughly five years to write Emily, The Yellow Rose,…

By Robyn D. Clarke


A deal turned sour

Kevin Copeland is seeking to reclaim Copeland Beverage Group

Why cry over spilled milk if you can file a lawsuit instead? That’s what…

By Robyn D. Clarke


Carver’s in for a fight

Shareholders tell Harlem bank they're not buying its plans

You might say Carver Bancorp (Amex: CNY) has a plate full of worries. During…

By Dwight Oestricher


Look out!

S&P newsletter is chock full of market skinny

We’d all have to agree that a sure, dependable source for the lowdown…

By James A. Anderson



Forget half-hearted resolutions. Here's a surefire plan to help you meet your objectives this year.

Every New Year’s Eve, the ritual is the same. Loved ones and strangers come…

By Robyn D. Clarke


Making the merger happen

Willard Brittain paves the way for PricewaterhouseCoopers

In the summer of 1997, when Price Waterhouse set its sights on merging with…

By Hal Karp


Full speed ahead!

Gas up your success tank with these strategies

Looking for a good book to start off the year? Try Success Strategies…

By Robyn D. Clarke


Held in high esteem

Here' s how to give your self-worth a boost

Never have anything good to say about yourself? Do you always tend to…

By Robyn D. Clarke


Striking out

Black coaches find closed doors in the college ranks

African American players may dominate college football fields and basketball courts, but behind…

By Bevolyn Williams-Harold


Foreign auto makers tap minority dealers

Jaguar, Nissan put black dealers behind the wheel

After years of talking about adding color to its dealer base, Jaguar is…

By Eric L. Smith


The big buyback

Williams Capital Group employees take full stock of future

When Williams Capital Group CEO Christopher Williams makes up his mind to do…

By Denise K. Douglas