How to Profit From Low Interest RAtes

The national average rate for 30-year mortgages fell below 6.2% in October, which…

By Donald Jay Korn


How To Fix Your 401(k)

If your retirement plan has taken some punishing blows, these remedies can ensure that your golden years aren't tarnished

September’s attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon left investors shaken and…

By Donald Jay Korn


Reaching The Silver Screen

There are plenty of black films. The problem is getting them shown. Black filmmakers arefinally taking on the distribution challenge.

When independent filmmaker Carl Seaton raised money from investors in his native Chicago, he…

By George Alexander


Bouncing Back

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks, black-owned businesses learn the true meaning of crisis management as they turn losses into gains

Priscilla Johnson has always prided herself on being prepared for the unexpected. But the…

By Derek T. Dingle


The Art Of Living Thriftily

Part of being a smart investor is adopting consumer-shopping habits to help you save money

When she was a junior in high school, Ingrid V. Sanders took a consumer…

By Carolyn M. Brown


Above Par

Before his next swing on the greens, Bushnell’s Yardage Pro Tour, a hot…

By Sonia Alleyne


Harping On The Good News

Radio exec strikes a harmonious chord

There aren’t many who could have inspired Jeff Majors. King David, who wrote…

By Kimberly J. Hamilton


Taking Cover

Q: Because of the recent terrorist tragedies, my husband and I have been…

By Sonia Alleyne


Let’s Swing–Jive, Cha-Cha…

Free Website is a waltz

If you enjoy salsa, the jitterbug, and other forms of ballroom dancing but…

By Sonia Alleyne


Looks Like A Bargain

Getting the most out of holiday sales

For more than 30 years, wife and mother Lynnette Dukes of San Antonio,…

By Leslie E. Royal


The Inn Crowd

Don't sleep on black-owned B&Bs

A cold day spent relaxing in a bedroom tastefully decorated with antiques and Afrocentric art,…

By Lee Anna Jackson


Traveling For The Holidays?

How to handle airport delays

Ecstatic about going home for the Christmas holiday, Brooklyn, New York, native and radio…

By Michael Bennett


Take Your Best Shot

Actress Holly Robinson-Peete urges us to make the most of every opportunity

You’re not guaranteed anything in this business. You get this one little shot. When…

By Holly Robinson-Peete


Step Into The Light

Do you get a little timid, scared even, when you want to approach…

By Tanisha A. Sykes


His Head Is In The Clouds

Name: Anthony William White
Age: 25
Occupation: Client services manager- meteorologist
Location: Wayne, Pennsylvania
Duties: Interpreting short-…

By Sonja


Trouble In Paradise

Q: I worked in a building that was near the World Trade Center…

By Monique R. Brown


Manage With Care

Strategies for helping employees triumph over tragedies

By now, you’ve heard the news. On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks…

By Monique R. Brown


‘Tis the season

Plug in, log on, go high-tech

It’s that time of year again. You’ve made your list, checked it twice–but you…

By Dale Coachman


Under surveillance

Q: I work for a small company. Each day I check my personal…

By Dale Coachman


Playing the X Game

Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Linux: Is your OS worth an upgrade?

The next time you walk into a computer store, look around. See where the…

By Robert S. Anthony


Food Resources

Q: I would like to open a retail grocery store but I can’t…

By Paula McCoy-Pinderhughes


More Than A Green Thumb

Roderick Gay didn't let setbacks stunt his growth

When Roderick Gay left a career in the healthcare business to start his…

By Bridget McCrea


Keeping America Safe

African American-owned IT services provider is positioned for defense

Catastrophes like the attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center make IT consulting…

By Michelle Buckley


Reading, Writing, And Protection

Small-business owners need to do more than sign on the dotted line

We all know the saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of…

By Roger Barnes


Investments Under $1,000

Q: I live in Atlanta, am in my mid-20s, and teach for a…

By Matthew S. Scott


Golden Goals

Entrepreneurs strive for millionaire status, early retirement

After successfully turning $100,000 of debt into a distant memory, Jacquelyn Cato-Mitchell and…

By Christine Albano


Don’t Judge Too Quickly

Derek Batts' picks may have a way to go, but he still believes

Derek Batts, president of Detroit-based Union Heritage Capital Management, revels in finding equities…

By Marie Evan


Focus on the fundamentals

Eddie Ramos of Brown Capital Management swears by analysis of companies and markets

Eddie Ramos, portfolio manager of Brown Capital Management’s (BCM) international equities division, believes that…

By Matthew S. Scott


International Intrigue

Although downtrodden, foreign funds could be your passport to higher returns in 2002

Make no mistake: Even in the aftermath of the September 11 attack on the…

By James A. Anderson


Choose Your Members Wisely

Finding an investment club is a two-way street. Here's how clubs recruit grade A investors.

Change is inevitable–and that means, at some point, founding members will leave an investment…

By Carolyn M. Brown


Study Shows Businesses Are Slow to Embrace E-commerce

Get more from your computer than e-mail and a Website

Despite the hit that tech companies received last year, the use of e-commerce…

By Bevolyn Williams-Harold


Making Contact

Q: I noticed links to Websites for companies that made the BE 100S,…

By Sakina P. Spruell


How Will Redistricting Affect You?

Politicians try to ensure all areas get a fair split

Every 10 years, following a census, every state legislature in the nation must…

By Joyce Jones


Cutting The Layoff Line

Downsizing doesn't affect black-owned media companies...yet

Conventional wisdom holds that good things come in small packages. Perhaps that’s the best…

By K. Terrell Reed


A Split Financial Decision

The Johnsons have been handling their finances separately for years. Will it work in retirement?

When it comes to her and her husband’s finances, Laura Johnson is convinced “separate”…

By Matthew S. Scott


Citizens Expands Through Tough Times

Aging bank explores acquisitions in attempt to rebound from falling revenue

America’s fourth-largest black-owned bank, Atlanta-based Citizens Trust Bank (No. 4 on the BE BANKS…

By Ann Brown


Investing 201

How to find the best low-cost methods for buying stocks and mutual funds

While the stock market was going on one of the longest bull market runs…

By Matthew S. Scott