The Hot List, 2003

From entertainment and technology to politics and finance, these 50 top playersunder 40 represent our editors' picks

They’re young, bold, innovative, and powerful. These characteristics — and more — have earned members…



Tech The Halls

Before hitting the online shopping malls, check out these cutting-edge stocking stuffers

How does Pentax pack 4 megapixels into such a tiny form? Good…

By Dale Coachman


Avoiding Year-End Tax Traps

Making the right moves before December 31 can shave thousands off your bill to Uncle Sam

Alternative Minimum Tax
Last year, Thomas and Gloria Gordon were looking forward to a vacation…

By Laura Washington


Stiletto Rock

Kim Bondy stylishly kicks up her heels

“A high heel shoe is good for [shedding] at least 5 pounds,” says…

By Sonia Alleyne


Beantown Flavor

Columnist Adrian Walker gives us a taste of Boston

Boston may not be considered the “Cradle of Liberty” by African Americans, but this…

By Linda S. Lawson


Custom Officer

Haberdasher Frank Peña dresses clients to suit

“The goal is to get up in the morning and not have to…

By Sonia Alleyne


Well, Well, Well

Hawaii's warm toast to good health

If work-a-day blues are fraying your nerves and stress is threatening your physical…

By Lee Anna Jackson


Paper Jam

Curtis Sherrod's hip-hop history session

After you’ve determined the occasion, place, and date, there’s little need for a…

By Sonia Alleyne


Santa’s Little Elf

Q: I’d like to save some money on gifts this holiday season. I’m…

By Tanisha A. Sykes


Home For The Holidays

Traveling on the cheap to see loved ones

“Tis the season for holiday travel! As millions of people take to the…

By Raelyn C. Johnson


Gift Boxes

Cool, new toys for the consumer in your life

The holiday season is here. Time to make your list and check it twice.…

By Sheiresa Ngo


Help Me, Oprah!

Q: I believe I was born to do my part in the social…

By Alfred Edmond, Jr.


In Full View

Appreciating life's little moments, one encounter at a time

Exhaust the little moment.
–Gwendolyn Brooks
I am one of the lucky ones. I work mostly…

By Caroline Clarke


Beating The Dream-Busters

Don't let loved ones keep you from living your dream

Our long-cherished dreams are certainly worth their weight in gold, but when friends and…

By Keisha Anderson


Bridging The Gap

Q: I am in my 40s and was laid off from a finance/banking…

By Sonia Alleyne


A Rap For Manners

Angelo Ellerbee refines the rough edges on urban artists

AGE: 46
OCCUPATION: Image consultant/publicist/manager
DUTIES: Runs a publicity company specializing in total…

By Christina Morgan


When Your Job Really Makes You Sick

Why you need to develop a high Adversity Quotient

“It was as if the very life was being sucked out of me. The…

By Lee Anna Jackson


Old Cell Phones

Q: My company is in the process of upgrading cell phones for employees.…

By Dale Coachman


Let ‘Em Rip

Create music to go

The holidays bring red punch, good cheer, and brand new MP3 players. Now,…

By Rebecca Frances Rohan


This Isn’t Your Teenage Daughter’s Diary

Web logs are a big hit with everyone, just be careful what you write

Blogging, short for “Web logging,” brings journaling to the Web. Through special software that…

By Rebecca Frances Rohan


Naked At Work

Pssst! The boss is watching

Technology makes employees more productive, makes work easier, and makes our workplaces better. Right?…

By Sonja


Let It Roll

Reginald Bowser bends over backward to create convenient 401(k) transfers

If you’ve ever attempted to roll over your 401(k), you know it’s no…

By Marcia Wade Talbert


On A Mission

Q: What type of information is included in a mission statement? How long…

By Alan Hughes


Built For Speed

Baba Garba looks to take his broadband business abroad

Like many immigrants, Baba Garba saw the U.S. as the land of opportunity…

By Zakiyyah El-Amin


Deduct Now, Pay Later

New provisions provide a tax break for business owners

The 2003 tax law has been billed as a bonanza for investors, thanks to…

By Donald Jay Korn


Taking It Outside

Outsourcing can be a great time saver–but mind the costs

After launching “The Little Coupon Book” franchise throughout metropolitan Atlanta, C. Michael Greer Jr.…

By Bridget McCrea


Demolition Man

This entrepreneur builds his business by tearing things down

Ask Jamie Potter how his small business grows revenues each year, and he’ll…

By Glenn Townes


Market Upswing

Portfolio manager Ted Parrish is banking on financial and healthcare sectors for long-term growth

Theodore L. Parrish is confident the U.S. economy is headed for a robust turnaround…

By Nicole Lewis


Rough Ride To Recovery

Black-owned mutual funds brace for a bumpy bull ride

Welcome to a whole new world. The stock market has rallied over the…

By Tanisha A. Sykes


Chemical Balance

Former Deutsche Bank analyst John Moten got the right reaction from his portfolio of picks

John Moten has worked in the securities industry for more than 16 years covering…

By Sakina P. Spruell


Rethinking Refinancing

With mortgage rates on the rise, does it still make sense to refinance?

Thirty-year fixed mortgage rates reached a 30-year low this past June when they dipped…

By Carl Unegbu


Measuring Progress

A look at the economic strides of African Americans in recent decades

Have African Americans progressed economically over time? That’s a no-brainer. How much we…

By Latif Lewis


In Memoriam

Bertram Lee, a Washington, D.C., businessman and brief co-owner of the Denver Nuggets,…

By Alexis McCombs


Crackdown On Mutual Fund Abuse

SEC director, Paul Roye, discusses investigating alleged improper mutual fund trading

Wall Street’s top regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission, is looking to crack down…

By Jeffrey McKinney


Big Time On The Small Screen

Although few African Americans have the authority to green-light TV projects, many are creating top-notch entertainment and gaining influence within the networks

A career of scripts, show tapings, and working with stars was the last thing…

By George Alexander


Reaching For Financial Success

Our 2002 financial fitness contest winners are achieving their goals with sound advice and a little moxie

Sometimes, all it takes is someone to show you the way. There’s nothing like…

By Sheryl Nance-Nash


Where Are The 529 Plans?

By Matthew S. Scott
Q: I am the 30-year-old father of an 11-year-old daughter…



A New Deal For Sbk-Brooks

B.E. investment bank completes $233 million bond offering

SBK-Brooks Investment Corp. (No. 6 on the BE INVESTMENT BANKS list with $2.2…

By Alan Hughes


Sizing Up The Candidates

B.E.'s primary guide reveals what you can expect from the Democratic agenda

As the 2004 election approaches, the fates of most candidates for the Democratic presidential…

By David C. Ruffin


From entertainment and technology to politics and finance, these 50 top playersunder 40 represent our editors’ picks

The Hot List

They’re young, bold, innovative, and powerful. These characteristics — and more — have earned…