Profiles In

Countless moments shape our lives, but a few define us.

A single encounter or loss, an event or crisis, even a book or news…

By Caroline Clarke


Sugar Blues

Diabetes affects much more than your diet. And what you don't know about the disease could kill you.

For the better part of his 20s, Kevin A. Pemberton spent five days a…

By Keisha Anderson


The Cure Forwhat Ails You

The economy hasn't fully recovered, but vital signs are improving. Position yourselfto take advantage of the rebound.

Joseph “J.W.” Williams’ business, Staircase & Millwork Co., provides high-end custom-made staircases, predominantly for…

By Donald Jay Korn


Lloyd Ward: Victim or Villain?

In an exclusive interview, the former U.S. Olympic Committee CEO tells his side about what led to his ouster. Was it a nasty campaign to discredit him, or did his unpopular business practices and management style derail his career?

It Was Almost By Accident That Lloyd David Ward discovered that the press didn’t…

By Matthew S. Scott


Make The Change Today

Our revised wealth-building principles emphasize homeownership and retirement planning

In January 2000, BLACK ENTERPRISE introduced the Black Wealth Initiative with the goal of…



Power Living

Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy says executives don'tget enough S.E.X.

Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy admits to once being the classic corporate perfectionist. A Harvard…

By Sonia Alleyne


London Links

Monique Jones clears the fog around the UK's capital city

Even before many grasped the concept of globalization, London had been leading the way.…

By Sonia Alleyne


Tracks And Field

Carl Officer's train rides over hill and dale

As the mayor of East St. Louis, Illinois, Carl Officer governs a population…

By Linda S. Lawson


Cosigner Drama

Q: In 1992, my daughter graduated from college with a $3,000 student loan,…

By Tanisha A. Sykes


Lost Travel Treasures

Unclaimed Baggage Center is a shopper's gold mine

Droves of consumers, from as far away as Russia and Australia, are flocking…

By Kimberly Hamilton-Wright


Looting Luggage

Safeguarding your valuables against airport employee theft

As a publicity executive, Jeanine Cooper Taylor jet sets across the country several times…

By Leslie E. Royal


A Soldier’s Story

Q: I’m quickly approaching retirement from the military. How do I turn my…

By Alfred Edmond, Jr.


A Dignified Demeanor

No matter your path, let self-respect and pride light the way

“No race can prosper till it learns there is as much dignity in tilling…

By Caroline Clarke


In Search Of Daddy

Even in adulthood, fatherlessness has long-lasting effects

In the African American community, single mothers abound leaving many black children to grow…

By Kimberly Hamilton-Wright


Bank On Real Estate

Q: I am a pharmaceutical professional with three to four years experience, who…

By Sonia Alleyne


When The Work Hurts-Literally

Overcoming the adversity of an on-the-job injury

On a brisk winter night, Eric Jackson and his partner sat in an unmarked…

By Lee Anna Jackson


Let’s Move

Q: I’ve just purchased a new computer and need to move all my…

By Dale Coachman


Snare And Share Alike

Here's a quick and easy way to capture video

If your company has cans of old movies to archive or new video…

By Rebecca Frances Rohan


Own Or Rent?

Revisiting the pros and cons of leasing vs. purchasing

It’s obvious when you fly across the country for a tradeshow that you’re going…

By Rebecca Frances Rohan


Analyze This

Charles Phillips makes bold career move to Oracle as executive vice president

There’s no denying it: Charles Phillips appreciates a good challenge. For the past…

By Ashley Gibson


Calculating Profits

Q: What are profit margins? How do I calculate them?
–B. Turner, Union City,…

By Alan Hughes


Caribbean Connection

Mortgage firm looking to tap into the Latino market

The real estate market has been on fire lately. Dax Dunn can take…

By Nicole Lewis


Getting The Word Out-Inexpensively

How to get the most bang out of your marketing dollars

In 1995, Niles Communications Group Inc. (NCG), a New York-based graphics communication and marketing…

By Marcia Wade Talbert


Working On The Highway

This entrepreneur minds her cash flow and the traffic flow

After the birth of her first child, Bellandra B. Foster decided to take on…

By Zakiyyah El-Amin


Laid Off & In Debt

Q: I was laid off two years ago. My husband has been working…

By Matthew S. Scott


Finding The Middle Ground

Mid-cap blend funds may help you hedge your bets as the economy recovers

A fair number of market experts will tell you that middle-sized companies offer a…

By James A. Anderson


Charts Show The Way

Money manager Terry Bedford's stock selections are going in the right direction

Terry Bedford, CEO of Bedford and Associates Research Group in Hamilton, Ontario, has…

By Rhonda Reynolds


Back To Technology

Patrick Lyons of NCM Capital Management says a tech binge is likely

Patrick Lyons, an associate portfolio manager at Durham, North Carolina-based NCM Capital Management Group,…

By Nicole Lewis


Portfolio Course Correction

After being downsized, Winifred James has adjusted her investment style to safeguard her retirement

When Winnie James emigrated from the Caribbean to the United States to join her…

By Carmen Brown


Blacks Give Public Schools A "C"

Education poll reveals differences of opinion among the races

Public schools were more highly rated in 2002 than they were in 2000,…

By Cliff Hocker


Bill Gray To Retire From Uncf

William H. Gray III (pictured above), former congressman and the first African American…

By Carolyn M. Brown


The Future Pac

Looking to put black women in office from city hall to the White House

In an ideal world, politicians win seats because their values most closely match…

By Joyce Jones


Getting More Bang For Your Buck

The Whittington family is learning how to pull additional value from their incomes

The Whittingtons have it together. Dwayne and Hermennia, who goes by “Mina,” are both…

By Sheryl Nance-Nash