Form & Function Design 2005

From industrial pioneers to industry innovators, these designers create the world's hottest products

The Harlem office of former President Bill Clinton. The Freddie Mac headquarters in Washington,…

By Carolyn M. Brown


The Business Of Getting Away

Tired, Overworked, Stressed?We've got retreats for you.

After seeking help from 12 different doctors for more than 20 years for a…

By Sonia Alleyne


Seeking Seed Money

Grants for starting a small business are available through a variety of local sources. Here's how to get them.

Rozalia Williams recalls the day she was awarded a small business grant in 2001…

By Sheryl Nance-Nash


Creating a Winning Bond Strategy

With the right approach, bonds can achieve outstanding returns in a volatile market.Here's how.

While shopping for mortgages to refinance her three-bedroom, loft-style home in a Los Angeles…

By Ilana Polyak


Embracing Financial Responsibility

M'kisha Shell is facing single parenthood and fiscal challenges head-on

M’kisha Shell gets it now. As a single mom, she understands that it’s her…

By Sheryl Nance-Nash


Buying Businesses With Equity

Shauna Anderson is using real estate to create multiple streams of income

Although her parents are gifted musicians, Shauna Anderson says she knew at an early…

By Nicole Lewis


Going Back To Indiana

Max Siegel sports the Circle City

Indianapolis usually brings to mind Hoosier dreams and the Indy 500. But the nation’s…

By Lee Anna Jackson


A Lover Of Reds

A California vintner wrestles withthe toughest grape of them all

Pinot noir is one of the oldest recorded grape varieties. At its best,…

By Joseph Dumas


Planning a Business

Q: I want to open a gym. I have the vision, the mission…

By Tanisha A. Sykes


Extreme Mental Makeover

Give your thoughts an organization overhaul

Wake up at 5:30 a.m. Work out for an hour. Grab a liquid breakfast…

By Robyn D. Clarke


Credit Score Lessons

Q: I have nine credit cards and have paid off four, but I…

By Tanisha A. Sykes


Shipping For Less

Save funds with these sites that offer free shipping., a members-only Website, offers one-stop shopping for brand-name products offered by more…

By Jennifer L. Smith


Making A Hotel Reservation?

Use these tips to get a better deal

Whether you like to stay at the Four Seasons or the Hilton, get…

By Tanisha A. Sykes


Need A Passport?

Three steps to gaining your ticket to world travel

It’s that time of the year again–time to pack up the kids, send the…

By Tamara E. Holmes


Target Practice

Q: I will be graduating in June with an M.B.A. and I’m starting…

By Sonia Alleyne


Women, Get Ready

Executive coaching program promises to help black female professionals move ahead

According to a recent report by Catalyst, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the…

By Sonia Alleyne


You Got The Job — Now What?

How to maintain a high performance level in a new job

Within six months of attorney Pamela T. Miller signing on as vice president of…

By Laura Egodigwe


Webcam No-Show

Q: I have a Logitech Webcam and I’m having trouble getting it to…

By James C. Johnson


Competing For Your Home Media Center

The battle for control of the digital living room is heating up

The race for dominance in the digital home, where digital entertainment media such…

By Karen Jones


Looking at RFID?

Companies are ready to exploit the technology despite privacy concerns

When retail giant Wal-Mart issued a mandate in 2003 that required its vendors to…

By Glenn Townes


Master Of The PDA

Self-taught tech guru helps the masses maximize their handheld computers

Growing up in Chicago, G. William James did everything he could to make…

By Bridget McCrea


Small Business, Big Ambition

This year's nominees got up and running with more than a little drive

We honor the accomplishments of small business pioneers like these every year with the BLACK…

By Sonja Mack


401(k) Loan Setback

Q: I am 51 and was recently downsized from my job of 18…

By Matthew S. Scott


Score One For Credit

Improving her credit made it possible for Vivian Alston to own a home

Maintaining good credit can affect your lifestyle in many ways. It can enable…

By Sonya Kimble-Ellis


Think Long, Think Right

Charles Payne's shrewd analysis pays dividends in difficult markets

Charles Payne, founder, CEO, and chief analyst of Wall Street Strategies in New York,…

By Philana Patterson


Safe Can Be Good

Graceful Grady relies on innovative products and spending trends to fuel growth

To obtain the best possible investment return for his clients, Graceful Grady, president of…

By Nicole Lewis


A Sunny Outlook On Investing

Rainy Day investment club has flourished by sticking to strict investment principles

Rainy Day investment club has weathered storms that might have sent other clubs running…

By Vikki Conwell


Black Migration In Reverse

African Americans are leaving major cities for opportunities in the South

Decades of vacating Dixie are reversing, reports The Brookings Institution, a nonpartisan research…

By Cliff Hocker


Bell Named Acting CEO Of Boeing

Boeing Co. Chief Financial Officer James A. Bell, 56, has temporarily landed the…



Wave Newspapers Goes Bankrupt

Publisher owes creditors $5 million in debt

When black media veteran Pluria Marshall Jr. bought Wave Community Newspapers in 2000,…

By Kristin Vaughan


Election Reform: A Work In Progress

Former EAC chairman discusses hurdles facing election reform and who needs to get involved

During testimony before Congress in February, members of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission reported…

By Nicole Marie Richardson


Reggie Fowler Agrees To Buy MN Vikings

The millionaire will be the first African American principal owner of an NFL team

The newest star in professional football is “six-foot-one and tons of fun.” And he’s…

By K. Terrell Reed