From wealth to diversity, our editors offer an action plan

Black America needs fixing.

It’s true we’ve seen major advances over the course of 35 years, with more…



Then & Now

BE's coverage over the last four decades reveals how far we've come and how far we must go

In covering African American’s participation in commerce and finance for 35 years, BLACK ENTERPRISE has…

By Derek T. Dingle


Our Readers Sound Off

Our message boards provide a forum for straight talk from real people

Since the inception of BLACK ENTERPRISE 35 years ago, readers have spoken out on…

By Latif Lewis


America’s Leading Black Philanthropists

From education to health, African Americans pump billions into charities and causes, fueling their clout and mission to change the world

Paying it forward is Darryl Lester’s philosophy on giving back. “I am trying to get…

By Carolyn M. Brown


Win $10,000 Toward Your First Home

Six reasons to quit paying your landlord's mortgage and make the move to homeownership

Becoming homeowners was a decision Valerie and Ron Francois made well before they got…

By Matthew S. Scott


Asset Alterations

The Vinsons need to diversify their portfolio to maximize their gains

Rhonda And Marvin Vinson of Lilburn, Georgia, are living the American dream. Married 15…

By Carolyn M. Brown


Invest In Yourself

By investing in his education and business, K. Clyde Vanel is reaping tremendous returns

K. Clyde Vanel, the son of haitian immigrants, learned how to manage money from…

By Nicole Lewis


College Admissions Mixed Bag For Blacks

Debate over affirmative action may affect application figures

While the debate continues over affirmative action’s relevance on college campuses, some top…

By Aisha I. Jefferson


Life Is Sweeter For ‘Big Peach’ Financial Firm

Atlanta Life Investment managing additional $100 million of MetLife's assets

In a deal that could boost its clout with big pension fund investors,…

By Jeffrey McKinney


Blacks Jockey For Political Power

Upcoming elections attract more African American hopefuls

There has never been an African American representing Maryland in the U.S. Senate,…

By Kasi K. Addison


Cease-Fire Over Federal Judges

But the war for the soul of the judiciary continues

Despite a truce called in May, which led to the confirmation of five controversial…

By David C. Ruffin


Lincoln Holdings Purchase Mystics

Deal makes BET co-founder Sheila Johnson part owner of three professional sports franchises

Black Entertainment Television co-founder Sheila Johnson has become the first African American woman to…

By Tamara E. Holmes


5 Benefits Of A Yoga Workout

Robin Downes stretches her way to health

Although Robin Downes had a successful media career in film and television—even winning…

By Sonia Alleyne


A Cultural Stop

Taking in the museum and art scene in London

Soaring ceilings, a hushed interior, and light streaming through stained glass make the Natural…

By Jeanette Valentine


Knows How To Hold ‘Em

Poker champ David Williams reveals a full hand

David Williams hasn’t experienced many life-changing moments, so for him, winning $3.5 million…

By Sean Drakes


Tips To Help You Become A Better Consumer

The road to savvy consumerism starts now

African Americans are spending a lot of money, on everything from clothes and cars…



In And Around Town

Government site offers up-to-date info on everything consumer

It’s a consumer’s dream. The Website offers everything you wanted to know…

By Tanisha A. Sykes


Total Recall

Car manufacturers' methods of reporting defects don't add up

The family car can be a life threatening and dangerous possession. Perhaps that…

By Leslie E. Royal


Unjust Clause

Mandatory credit card arbitration leaves consumers on losing end

The next time you check your mailbox, look closely. You may have gotten a…

By Leslie E. Royal


Ways To Discover What’s Important

Are you ready to get started?

21 Make time for yourself Making time for you is really, and I mean…

By Tanisha A. Sykes