6 Ways to Reach Business Success Sooner

What It Takes To Be A Successful Intrapreneur

Three corporate dynamos run with a big idea and bring in megaprofits for their companies

(Image: Thinkstock)
What’s an idea worth? To a corporate entity willing to embrace and support…

By Nicole Marie Richardson


Building A Better Future

Expert advice helped our 2004 Financial Fitness Contest Winners create the right foundation to reach their goals

When it comes to finances, think of time as an ally. We need time…

By Sheryl Nance-Nash


Are Co-Ops The Way?

Experts say cooperatives enable black communities to build wealth

Scholars and community activists called for more research on cooperatives in response to…

By Shannon Gibney


Should Every Vote Count?

Nearly 1.4 million black men have no political voice

The struggle for voting rights has been a long one in the black community.…

By Reniqua Allen


First To The Starting Line

Educated blacks and Hispanics more likely to start businesses, but money woes squash dreams

They are writing business plans, meeting bankers, and scouting locations. Americans who are young,…

By Cliff Hocker


Now Playing

Celebrities hope to give black films a fighting chance

It’s hard enough to get a black film made in Hollywood. But it’s…

By Ann Brown


Hot List ’05

They're young, bold, innovative, and powerful–and all under 40

Over the years, BLACK ENTERPRISE has developed a reputation for identifying business superstars in…

By BlackEnterprise.com


Stepping Out

June Ambrose rings in holiday style

June Ambrose’s passion is fashion. She shops for a living. Unlike many in…

By Sonia Alleyne


Restoring Credit

Q: I am a recent college graduate and have a very low credit…

By Tanisha A. Sykes


It’s In The Mail

Websites show how to get free products delivered to your doorstep

Many consumers get excited when they receive a free product sample in the…

By Leslie E. Royal


Don’t Be A Fuel Fool

Ways to save on gas

In recent months, gas prices have swelled to record numbers. The Energy Information…

By Tennille M. Robinson


Holiday Buyers’ Guide

Fun, practical gifts for the kid in all of us

Developed for the iPod, this wireless device…

By Tennille M. Robinson


Wandering In The Dark

Q: I am 37 years old and trying to enter the world of…

By Tanisha A. Sykes


Inspirational Notes

Prescriptions to make you feel good again

Two years ago, Sheraun Britton-Parris struggled with self-doubt. After she quit her marketing…

By Janelle Williams


Building A Good Rep

Doing so could make or break your future

Jerome Henderson spent the first nine years of his professional life running down wide…

By Scott Westcott


In The Money

Q: I am interested in getting into the institutional investing career field. Where…

By Sonia Alleyne


Take The Work Home

Get your boss to see the benefits of working from outside of the office

Heila Herring was happy to land a job that offered a great salary,…

By Marcia A. Reed-Woodard


Funny Business

The man behind the largest urban comedy festival

Career Festival Producer, LAFFAPALOOZA!
America’s Urban International Comedy Arts Festival
Age 42
Location Atlanta

By Sean Drakes


Holiday Buyers’ Guide

These must-have gadgets should be every holiday gift list

The self-contained iMac G5 has more than just an innovative…

By Erinn R. Johnson


No Vacancies

Q: I am interested in the real estate business, but I have no…

By James C. Johnson


First Impressions

Your business card speaks volumes

What does your business card say about you? In many cases, it isn’t…

By Marcia Layton Turner


Property Passion

One fireman's endeavor into real estate is providing affordable housing for his community

Every time the fire station bell sounds, Jeffery Sealey and his crew have…

By Robyn Foster


Urban Appetite

Companies change focus to appeal to young, inner-city consumers

They seemed an odd couple at first — one a conservative and established institution,…

By Stacy Gilliam


Damage Control

Disaster recovery company puts hurricane victims back in business

Corey Pitts took a moment to assess the insurmountable devastation caused by Hurricane…

By Michelle K. Massie


CD, IRA, or 401(k)?

Q: Since there won’t be any social security by the time I’ll be…

By Matthew S. Scott


The 5 Keys To Value Investing

Learn to evaluate companies and build a stock portfolio

This year, the financial markets have perplexed even the most bullish of money…

By Matthew S. Scott


The New Roth 401(K)

Save now and enjoy tax-free withdrawals in retirement

Imagine life during your retirement years — free of work and free of kids.…

By Rene Brinkley


Slow Growth Is A Winner

Alfred Jackson's patient approach delivered positive returns

Last year, Alfred Jackson, a partner at Davis Hamilton Jackson & Associates in Houston,…

By Philana Patterson


Northern Bounty

Ken Kammal of BASE Investment Management says companies in Canada are expanding

When Ken Kammal, founder, chief executive, and chief investment officer of BASE Investment Management…

By Dwight Oestricher


When Guarding Your Investment Is Key

Nita Swinton turned to a principal-protected annuity to guard against market losses

Nita Swinton has found a way to lessen the sting when the stock market…

By Sakina P. Spruell


Overreaching For The Roof

Home buyers are stretching the purse to live American dream

Home prices are rising faster than incomes, causing home buyers to hazard a…

By Cliff Hocker


Foreman Going For Another Round

Former heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman has inked several exclusive licensing deals with…

By BlackEnterprise.com


Fema Chided For Playing Favorites

Minorities in line for Katrina reconstruction contracts may finally get a shot

After complaints that small and minority-owned firms were being excluded from no-bid contracts…

By Tamara E. Holmes