Achieve Your Dream Of Homeownership: You Could Win $10,000

Even if you don't win the cash,you'll come out on top. But don't take our word for it -- three entrants from our first contesttell how homeownership pays off.

As home prices climbed in her area, Melody Jiggetts, 25, felt she needed to…

By Tory Parrish


Is Your Broker A Crook?

If your money is lost and your financial adviser is missing, here's what you can do to recoup your investment

Like many people interested in learning about Wall Street, George L. Forbes spent years…

By Lynnette Khalfani-Cox


Take Two Herbal Tonics And Call Me In The Morning

Holistic treatments are growing as a medical alternative. Here's what you need to know.

As an overweight child, Jeffrey Banks endured years of ridicule and rejection. By the…

By Wendy Harris


Making Their Ma+rk

Honored at the 11th

James C. Johnson
What does it take to create a company that not only produces…



A Turn For The Better

For one struggling startup, an incubator offered a turnaround solution

Cynthea Williams was facing adversity from her staff. Three of her employees, she says,…

By Marcia Layton Turner


A Life Makeover

Leslie Henderson plans to retire from her job to pursue her 'reel' passion

Leslie Henderson has Hollywood on her mind. At 41, she’s a 20-year veteran looking…

By Sheryl Nance-Nash


Dancing With Debt

After stumbling over expenses for years, the Robinsons move toward a positive net worth

Credit cards, auto loans, and a mortgage had Valerie and Kenneth Robinson drowning in…

By Carolyn M. Brown


Faux And Fabulous

Tobey Renee Sanders has a finish for any room

When Tobey Renee Sanders hired a painter to do more than just paint plain…

By Sean Drakes


A Casa De Campo Experience

Grand villas, great vistas, and exceptional golf

Picture fine-dining establishments, a chic marina fashioned after Italian ports, and extravagant villas. Now…

By Sean Drakes


A Vinyl History

Robert Brown's music collection reflects years of love, politics, and social change

Angela Davis and Huey Newton posters stand guard on the walls in an…

By Jeanette Valentine


Saving More

Q: I need advice on how to save money. How can I achieve…

By Tanisha A. Sykes


The Money Trap

According to one author, to gain financial freedom, we must stop chasing each other into debt

Money is one of those sensitive topics that can make us cringe at even the…

By Alfred Edmond, Jr.


In A Debt Crisis?

Tips on how to make the consolidation process work for you

When April Washington, CEO of Baltimore-based Threefold Music Group, was a young, single parent,…

By Janelle Williams


Home Improvement 101

Here's how to get the most value for your money

When William Maxwell of Cheverly, Maryland, adjoined a home office to his house, it…

By Tamara E. Holmes


Taking Your Book To Market

Q: How can I get published? I’m starting the last chapter of my…

By Tanisha A. Sykes


Networking For Success

Making a mentor-mentee relationship work

Nina Smith, chief marketing officer for Sage Software, learned early in her career…

By Tamara E. Holmes


Beat Back Burnout

Five strategies to stay motivated

Do you dread the morning? Is much of your day spent stressed or daydreaming…

By Scott Westcott


On The Hunt

Q: I recently graduated with my master’s in communications and now I’m seeking…

By Sonia Alleyne


Map It Out

An innovative productivity tool promises to boost performance

As CEO of Impulsive Profits Inc., Stephen Pierce wasn’t interested in learning a…

By Lee Anna Jackson


Fitting Right In

Using assessment to find the right employee

Before landing his position as director of new product initiatives at a Maine-based company,…

By Laura Egodigwe


Sell Phones

Q: I’m in the process of starting a wireless business, but I’m having…

By James C. Johnson


Players In Motion

Entrepreneur scores big with animation playbook software

Joseph Burt remembers watching his buddy, former San Francisco 49er Guy McIntyre, struggling…

By Jeanette Valentine


Let’s Hear From The Audience

Group response systems allow real-time interaction with your presentations

When a client asked event design and production company LIVE! Technologies Inc. to…

By Sandra Beckwith


Pursuing Biotechnology

Opportunities abound for innovative entrepreneurs in this multibillion-dollar industry

Dr. Judith Gwathmey, chief executive and scientific officer of Gwathmey Inc., is excited about…

By Nicole Lewis


Fame And Fortune

Klegg Electronics owner links with celebrity to compete with industry giants

When Paula Abdul handed out Klegg Minis to audience members on The Tony Danza…

By Bridget McCrea


High Demand for Tutoring

Q: I am interested in opening a tutoring center in my neighborhood, but…

By James C. Johnson


Get Your Bid Noticed

A company's small size can be a plus when pursuing government contracts

The U.S. government buys more than $800 billion of products and services each year,…

By Marcia Layton Turner


Star Power

Grow your business by teaming up with a high-profile talent or celebrity

Synthia Saint James’ vibrant artwork is created to stimulate the eye with its…

By Bridget McCrea


Elegant Execution

From start to finish, The Baker Group specializes in total-event production

Some business owners shudder at the thought of cold calling. The idea of telephoning…

By Michelle K. Massie


Pay Loans Now or Later

Q: I am a second year student at Florida A&M and I have…

By Matthew S. Scott


Medical Accounts Offer Flexibility

But consumers should carefully examine these savings plans

Robin Gillespie, a Philadelphia-based personal trainer and fitness instructor, keeps a rigorous workout…

By Marc Hopkins


Profits With A Purpose

Socially responsible investment funds give investors revenues with a clean conscience

If investors want to let their conscience be their guide, there are an increasing…

By Donald Jay Korn


Winning Through Diversification

Jeffrey Marcus finds it the main ingredient for successful investing

Jeffrey Marcus, senior portfolio manager at Paradigm Asset Management Co. L.L.C., (No. 14 on…

By Nicole Lewis


Media Monitors

The Ujamaa Investment Club relies on news events to sharpen their understanding of the financial markets

In November 1992, Food Lion, the grocery store chain, became the subject of a…

By Vikki Conwell


Is An Interest-Only Loan Right For You?

This special mortgage product has several pros and cons

When Lawrence Ragland was looking to expand his real estate holdings, he used funds…

By Sonya Kimble-Ellis


Progress Undone

Experts say the nation's public schools are increasingly segregated

America’s most segregated schools are not in the Southern states, where many of…

By Sherrel Wheeler Stewart


Is The SBA On The Chopping Block?

Amid investigations and a questionable resignation, the SBA is trying to save its credibility

The resignation of Hector Barreto, head of the Small Business Administration, leaves many speculating…

By Alexis McCombs


Car Dealer’s Passion Drove His Success

B.E. 100s CEO killed in an auto accident

Cornelius A. Martin had a passion for speed and fast toys. As President…

By Mashaun D. Simon


Selling His Image

Muhammad Ali offers rights to his name and likeness to CKX for $50 million

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali has sold 80% of the marketing rights to his…

By Ann Brown


NY Advertising Agencies Facing Discrimination Charges

Symposium highlights bigotry in industry

In a staggering blow to Madison Avenue’s predominately white establishment, the New York…

By Mashaun D. Simon


Bob Johnson Enters Banking Industry

Despite a tough climate for financial services, this billionaire's track record may prove to be an advantage

Having built businesses in the cable television, hotel, and sports and entertainment industries,…

By Tamara E. Holmes


Skilled Strategist To Head Bob Evans

Top 75 Executive Steven Davis named CEO

Steven A. Davis, a veteran of the food-service industry who made a name…

By Alysha N. Cryer


With Victoria Rowell

Earlier this year, Victoria Rowell received a 2006 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress…

By Kenneth Meeks


Get Your First Home — And Keep It

What else can we do? How can we better connect you to the know-how…

By Earl G. Graves, Sr.