The Black Enterprise Guide to The Best Of Everything

Products, places, style purveyors, and some really great experiences

Who’s the hottest men’s designer? Where can a woman find the most stylish shoes…

By Sonia Alleyne


A Taste of Italy

Good wine, fresh ingredients, and a class that brings it all together

Foreign visitors to Italy, including expatriate Italians, often make pilgrimages there for three experiences:…

By Joseph Dumas


In the lap of luxury

Thomas Mathes knows how to welcome his guests

Opting for a luxury hotel stay means never having to compromise on comfort and convenience.…

By Patricia Jacobs


Frequent Flier Freebies?

I take frequent business trips during the year, sometimes several in the same month,…

By Tanisha A. Sykes


Flying The Passenger-Friendly Skies

Tips, advice, and tools to deal with airport complications

Consumers who lead busy lives have little time for airport complications. “Any planning can…

By Leslie E. Royal


A New Trend In Auto Financing: Car Mortgages?

Shoppers pay longer to get the car they want

As a full-time real estate agent and married mother of two, 35-year-old Monica Johnson…

By Jeff Fortson


Go Green!

Saving the environment can help you save big bucks

Samara Swanston enjoys a positive cash flow. She recently received a $2,000 tax credit.…

By Sheiresa Ngo


Getting Ahead

I’m a 27-year-old college graduate who can’t secure a full-time job. I’ve temped in…

By Tennille M. Robinson


The Sky Is Not Falling

Ways to help you identify and combat excessive worrying

Anjela N. Minter had always been the anxious type, but after giving birth to…

By Marcia A. Reed-Woodard


The Making of an Indie

Producing an independent film requires more than talent. Get a close-up look at the development of these movies from idea to screen.

After completing his first movie, The Ski Trip, in 2005, Maurice Jamal was eager…

By George Alexander


A Steady Pace

Maintaining momentum is key to accomplishing goals

While working as a technology fellow at the University of Medicine & Dentistry of…

By Robyn D. Clarke


Above the Rest

Our Small Business Awards winners reap the rewards of passion and perseverance

What does it take to follow your dreams and achieve personal wealth? The answer…

By Stephanie Young


Buying Your First Home?

10 things you need to know before you make the biggest purchase of your life

Like many young people, Pamela Jowers dreamed of one day getting married and buying…

By Tanisha A. Sykes


Drawing The Line

Kimberly Burney Must Avoid Emotional Spending Or Risk Repeating Past Mistakes

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” But there’s something to be…

By Sheryl Nance-Nash


Need More Than M.B.A

I obtained my M.B.A. last year and I am having the hardest time landing…

By Sonia Alleyne


E-Mail Correspondence

It's easy. It's fast. Make sure you manage it!

Everyone has one. An e-mail misstep story in which a colleague receives the wrong…

By Robin White Goode


International Appeal

A savvy professional builds a career in the world market

Being close to headquarters was once the way to further your career. Does an…

By Laura Egodigwe


Lost In (Cyber)Space

I have had my small business Website since January. However, I have had very…

By Dale Coachman


Backseat Driver

Software takes the wheel in powering mobility

When it comes to mobile technology, one thing is certain: what’s “in” always possesses…

By Alwin Jones


Too Cool For School

Hardware devices get smarter

By now, we’ve grown accustomed to high-tech devices that deliver on the wow factor.…

By Dale Coachman


Send In The Spelbots!

Spelman College's tech team's got game

The soccer players storm the field wearing their team uniforms. Playing before a crowd…

By Anthony Calypso


Looking To Expand

I’m looking to grow my real estate business, and I’m interested in government grants…

By Tennille M. Robinson


Relief In Sight?

Committee approves bill to help small businesses cope with rising energy costs

The increasing cost of energy continues to place a financial burden on small-business owners…

By Kaylyn Kendal Dines


What Else You Got?

Incorporating auxiliary products into your business can provide multiple streams of revenue

Georgia Cross, 56, can attest that the Chicago-based cosmetic and plastic surgery practice of…

By Stacy Gilliam


Three Strikes You’re In

Scott Tucker redesigned his business and reaped major rewards

The road toward entrepreneurship hasn’t always been a smooth one for Scott Tucker, CEO…

By Sheiresa Ngo


Taxing Retirement

I recently changed jobs and won’t be able to invest in my new company’s…

By Trevor Delaney


Who’s in Charge?

Understanding who's managing your mutual fund

So you finally found a fund that’s been good to you and a portfolio…

By Ilana Polyak


5 things to know about trading up

How to juggle the tricky process of buying a bigger house

As an engineer and Six Sigma consultant, Chris Moore is–to put it mildly–a pretty…

By Chris Taylor


Double Your Money

One big winner helps Jeffrey Marcus' portfolio outpace the S&P 500

A company that makes cast metal parts and fasteners for the aerospace industry may…

By Steve Garmhausen


A Few Standouts

Tuna Amobi says great stock values sometimes lie in out-of-favor sectors

Will they or won’t they? The ongoing speculation of whether the Fed will cut…

By James A. Anderson


Backtalk with Liya Kebede

The life of a supermodel doesn’t have to be all about runways, magazine covers, and…

By Tennille M. Robinson

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Hot Stocks, Cool Prices

As the market surges, here's how to invest in growth stocks without overpaying

Growth is good. And the earnings numbers on Wall Street look strong. In the…

By Donald Jay Korn


You Can’t Take It With You

Dying without a will means leaving things to chance

Who’s getting your money, your house, or guardianship of your children when you die?…

By Cliff Hocker


Will Malveaux’s Popularity Bode Well for HBCU?

Bennett College president's public persona may help with fundraising

Dr. Julianne Malveaux, 53, the MIT-trained economist and nationally recognized writer, syndicated columnist, radio…

By Ann Brown


Hero for Minority Business Passes

Parren J. Mitchell battled on behalf of economic equality

The Memorial Day death of former Rep. Parren J. Mitchell, 85, was a fitting…

By Marcia Wade Talbert



Industry analysts predict vast cuts

News that DaimlerChrysler AG would sell Chrysler Group to a private equity firm was…

By Tamara E. Holmes


A Chill Deal

Simeus Foods International partners with Unilever

Simeus Foods International Inc. recently signed a long-term agreement with Unilever’s food service…

By Marcia Wade Talbert


Turnaround Man

Xerox executive Kevin Warren helps drive up profitability

How did cash-strapped, debt-laden Xerox Corp. turn around its fortunes in six years…

By Marcia Wade Talbert


Dimensions International Acquired

CEO says Honeywell will take the company where he could not

Three years ago, Russell Wright, chairman and CEO of Dimensions International (No. 24 on the…

By Alan Hughes


The Best Of Black Enterprise Is Yet To Come

It all started nearly four decades ago with an idea: Without economic empowerment, the…

By Earl G. Graves, Sr.