Everything You Need to Know About the Republican Tax Plan

Here is how it will affect your wallet as a citizen and entrepreneur

For small business owners formed as corporations, the Republican tax plan will provide a huge…

By Kemberly Washington

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Tracee Ross is Killin’ It!

So why are people pitying her?

When Ross opens ABC’s 43rd American Music Awards as its host on Sunday, it will…

By Caroline Clarke

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(Image: Lazy Jar)

Interview with the Founder of Lazy Jar—an App That Charges You When You Don’t Workout

Need a workout accountability coach? There's an app for that

“I created Lazy Jar because I was fed up with my inability to maintain discipline…

By Sequoia Blodgett

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Google Just Made Your Job Search Easier

The search engine introduced cool features that will allow you to access information about a job position's salary and location

Finding a new job can feel like a long and daunting process. Google, however, is…

By Selena Hill

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Six Traits All CEOs Should Have

From communicating effectively to risk-taking, there are many characteristics every CEO should possess to help lead their company to success

You want to build your personal brand within the company and make productive, significant changes.…

By Stephanie Chung

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45 Great Moments in Black Business – No. 24: A.G. Gaston Amasses $130 Million Fortune

He began life in a small log cabin

Born the grandson of a slave in a log cabin on July 4, 1892, Arthur…

By Jeffrey McKinney

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#FridayReads: ‘Soar!’ By T.D. Jakes Tells You How to Take Flight as an Entrepreneur

The faith leader and businessman delves into the risks and rewards of an entrepreneurial lifestyle

With Soar!, Jakes teaches a master course on the risks and rewards of the entrepreneurial…

By Alfred Edmond, Jr.

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Rev. Jamie Johnson

U.S. Government Official Says Blacks Turned Cities Into ‘Slums’ with ‘Laziness, Drug Use, and Sexual Promiscuity’

Homeland Security's head of community outreach has a history of making racist and Islamophobic remarks

Rev. Jamie Johnson, who directs outreach to neighborhoods and faith communities for DHS, reportedly called…

By Selena Hill

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Diversity Vice President, Denise Young Smith, Is Leaving Apple

She was one of the most prominent of black female executives in Silicon Valley

The vice president of diversity and inclusion at Apple, Denise Young Smith, is leaving her…

By Samara Lynn

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The Oldest HBCU in America Is on the Brink of Closing

Can Cheyney University overcome years of financial mismanagement and academic woes?

After years of financial mismanagement and academic challenges, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania may be forced…

By Selena Hill

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Malcolm X's Daughters L to R: Qubilah Shabazz, Gamilah Lumumba Shabazz Malaak Shabazz, Attallah Shabazz, Ilyasah Shabazz (Image: malcolmxlegacy.com)

Malcolm X’s Daughters Launching a New Malcolm X Clothing Site

Colin Kaepernick is in full support

The sisters have partnered with technology company Hingeto, to bring the line to life.

By Sequoia Blodgett

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Marketing Gone Wrong: 3 Lessons From J.Crew’s Messy-Haired Model Ad Fiasco

Here's how to avoid marketing missteps in race and culture

Had J.Crew been privy to the history, cultural norms, and relationship that black women have…

By Selena Hill

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She Was Tired of People Touching Her Hair, So She Created This App

You may get in trouble swatting hands in real life; so there's this...

Fed up with folks coming up to her and asking to touch her hair, art…

By Samara Lynn

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Baltimore Entrepreneur Creates Co-Working Space for Beauty Industry Pros

Hair stylists, barbers, manicurists, and other beauty professionals are all welcome

Entrepreneur Wilson Nolley, Jr. had a mission: To help beauty industry professionals prosper. So he…

By Nicole K. Webb

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Steve Stoute (Image: Instagram)

Steve Stoute’s New Venture, UnitedMasters, Disrupts the Record Industry

Advertisers will now use music data to target and speak to fans

Advertisers will now use music data to target and speak to fans.

By Sequoia Blodgett

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Gary Vaynerchuk, Sequoia Blodgett, Charles Cole, Cliff Worley, Ruben Harris, Allie Felix, Thomas Knox, Mike Tauiliili, Muhga Eltigani, Dave Salvant, Terry Oppong, Lafe Taylor, Lamar Wilson

Here’s Why Black Millennial Entrepreneurs Think Gary Vee Is Dope [Video]

Gary Vaynerchuk discusses actionable steps to help elevate the entrepreneurs at the table

Everything was discussed from the Hip-Hop culture’s influence on Entrepreneurship to how Gary could assist…

By Sequoia Blodgett

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Cassondra Lenoir

Reigniting Your Passion With This Faith-Based Conference for Millennials

The perfect remedy for those wanting to jump-start their passions

Passion is Pursuit Conference is an entertainment and media conference for entrepreneurial millennials of faith.…

By Rochelle Turner

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white man, black man, race, struggle

The American Dream? One In Five Blacks Says Fuhgeddaboudit

Less than 20% say they've already made it, according to Pew Research

Less than 20% of blacks feel they’ve achieved the American dream and just as many…

By Alisa Gumbs

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The Unique Seat creators Shirley and Addison Hayden with Steve Harvey on Steve Harvey's Funderdome

Mompreneur and Son Invent Unique Product and Pitch Steve Harvey

How a frustrating day at the beach sparked their invention idea

Shirley and Addison Hayden pitch their product, The Unique Seat, on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, winning…

By Brandon Andrews

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Monique Woodard

7 Best Venture Capitalists for Black Entrepreneurs

You are more likely to find success raising capital with these folks

These venture capitalists are not only some of the top investors but many of them…

By Sequoia Blodgett

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