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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Last year when BLACK ENTERPRISE spoke to Larry e. Folmar, president and chief investment officer of the Folmar Financial Group, he felt the technology sector was poised for a comeback. The head of the Southfield, Michigan-based investment firm even went so far as to encourage investors to prudently “buyback a significant position” of their beaten down tech stocks. While the comeback hasn’t materialized, Folmar still believes the stocks from his Private Screening are solid long-term recommendations. Over the 52-week period from April 20, 2001 to April 19, 2002, Folmar’s picks were down 21.26% compared to the Standard & Poor’s 500 index, which was down 9.48% over the same period.

“The market has had an impact on all the selections that we made, some more negatively than others,” admits Folmar. but he says that each of his picks will reach the price targets he set for them over the long-term period of five years.

Folmar’s predictions included Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F). Although down some 45.62%, going from $29.90 to $16.26, he says the company has positioned itself for growth after suffering through it’s public feud with Firestone. “They’ve undergone new management, changed their product line, put some thrust behind their luxury line, and more recently, its earnings picture was better than what Wall Street expected,” he notes.

Unfortunately, Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq: ORCL) hasn’t been able to shake the doldrums that have affected the entire technology sector. Folmar says that recent poor earnings announcements have kept the stock from recovering. Oracle is off 39.59% since Folmar’s prediction, falling from $19.75 to $11.93 per share.

The bright spot in Folmar’s portfolio is Delphi Automotive Systems Corp. (NYSE: DPH), the world’s leading auto parts supplier. Auto industry incentives and strong consumer demand have helped Delphi to a 6.50% gain since last year, going from $14.61 to $15.56.

Cisco Systems (Nasdaq: CSCO), the top-ranked manufacturer of routers, is a stock Folmar has high hopes for. Caught in the tech wreck of 2000, the company has found its footing lately, showing a decline from $19.15 to $15.26, off 20.31% since Folmar’s recommendation. “Their earnings position has been better than what Wall Street expectations were for them, so we still see some upside in Cisco,” he notes.

And although Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE) is down 7.26% since last year, going from $40.76 to $37.80, Folmar says its sales picture is bright for now and into the future. “They are No. 1 in pharmaceuticals.”

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