The 100 Most Powerful Executives in Corporate America

We identify the best and brightest leaders in business and industry

President & CEO
Education Corp.
Power Move: McCul-lough has led CEC through substantial challenges, focusing on building a foundation for growth through improved organizational effectiveness and efficiency. He and his executive leadership team have addressed structural issues that impeded short-term financial performance.

CEO & President
Delphi Corp.
Power Move: With the exception of the executive chairman, all seven divisions of Delphi, one of the world’s largest makers of auto parts, report to O’Neal. A 17-year veteran at Delphi, O’Neal is responsible for all Delphi operating units, its three regional operations, Sales & Marketing, Global Purchasing, and Logistics. He also oversees the Delphi Strategy Board.
O’Neal also directed the implementation of Delphi’s key transformation tenets in 2006, which included these key areas: modifying the company’s labor agreements and concluding negotiations, streamlining Delphi’s product portfolio, transforming the salaried workforce, and devising a workable solution to the company’s pension funding situation.

Chairman & CEO
Darden Restaurants
Power Move: Otis maintains a strong values-based culture, developing corporate strategy and driving its execution; strengthening enterprise leadership; building and deploying organizational resources; ensuring industry-leading consumer and workforce insight capabilities; and capturing new business growth opportunities.

Chairman & CEO
Symantec Corp.
Power Move: Under Thompson’s leadership, Symantec has grown from a small consumer software publisher to a global leader in providing security, storage, and systems management solutions to help businesses and consumers secure and manage their information.

Chairman & CEO
Power Move: Under Williams’ leadership, Aetna has sought to make a positive impact on healthcare in America. Since joining Aetna, Williams has focused on creating innovation in the industry, especially through information technology, and bringing new levels of transparency to the healthcare system.

President & CEO, Honeywell Transportation Systems
Honeywell International
Power Move: Brown believes the true test of leadership is how you lead when market conditions are rapidly changing. “We know that 2009 will continue to be challenging,” she says. Brown is focused on driving results by creating an environment where employees can thrive. She believes treating people with dignity encourages them to step outside their comfort zone. Under Brown’s guidance for four years, her division has annual revenues of $4.5 billion.

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