College Girls Aren’t Endorsing the #Teamlightskin, #Teamdarkskin Debate

While the individuals who created and participated in this feud may not purposefully be trying to stall community progress, they indeed are helping to drag a warped mindset further into a new era—the same era that elected the first Black president of the United States, and ushered in an abundance of possibilities for people of color globally.

This reaffirmed, proactive agency exists on the campus of Spelman College. The historically Black institution, serves as one of many agents of change within our community and larger society.  The ladies of this campus are a dynamic set of individuals. While I do imagine that there are some individuals who have been swayed by the color-complex inspired Twitter-feud-turned-party theme, I have found that the majority of students have come to this school in search of a sisterhood.

I think this feeling of camaraderie gives us a sense of connection which helps to overpower the friction caused by whatever differences we may have. I know that this is an issue which the campus communities of America can move past, and I am proud to say that my campus already has progressed passed this point. Spelman is helping to develop a sense of consciousness and acceptance among all students.

It’s our duty to come together to help build up the self-esteem of the next generation. Let’s make  hashtags out of positive affirmations and see how fast we can make those trend for a change.

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