5 Famous People You May Never See at Occupy Wall Street


With news of Zuccotti Park being cleared out early this morning we wondered what would happen to some of the celebrity support the Occupy Wall Street movement’s been getting. When we first saw multifaceted mogul Russell Simmons showing his support for the movement  back in September we were more than a little surprised. Here was a man with a reported net worth of $340 million cavorting with a rag tag bunch protesting corporate greed and economic inequality. “Russell Rush” even participated in their meditation flash mobs and invited celebrity buddies like Kanye West to press palms with protesters and witness the spectacle of it all.  Some think it hypocritical of the man behind the Rush Card to rail against “banksters” but if Simmons is willing to take a tax hike on the chin for what he feels is the betterment of the country,  more power to him.

Simmons’ support of Occupy Wall Street got us thinking: Which other notable blacks in the top 1% would show solidarity with the movement? Which ones wouldn’t be caught dead at Zuccotti Park? Here are five famous folks who’d only make an Occupy appearance if their limo got lost in lower Manhattan and they had to ask directions.

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