5 Famous People You May Never See at Occupy Wall Street

Michael Jordan

Why wouldn’t the great MJ ever show face at Zuccotti Park?  A “baller” in every sense of the word, he’s worth half a billion dollars, notoriously apolitical and as owner of the Charlotte Bobcats he’s way too busy making sure that players don’t get a bigger slice of the NBA profit pie. Jordan has proven to be one of the most vocal and hard-line NBA owners who want to keep players’ revenue share at 50% or less. He doesn’t even want to share money with other millionaires! Clearly, he’ll have no interest in sharing revenue with the  99 percenters. However, if you want some comfortable shoes to wear while doing all of that marching, he’ll be happy to sell you some flashy kicks at the low, low price of $175.

Bryan Williams aka “Birdman” aka “Baby”

The head of Cash Money Records, Williams is way more into stuntin‘” than he is civil unrest. So much so that he’s  even got his own version of the greedy Mr. Burns hand rubwhich he explained on Twitter: “I rub my hand 2gather a lot cause my palms stay itchin so I don’t scratch I rub.mula krazy. …thts money #!@%*# BillionaireMind$.MOB.YMCMBusiness.” We’re not exactly sure what that means, but we think it loosely translates to “I have a lot more money than you do, so there.” And with $100 million in his bank account, he’s not lying. It’s hard to hold up picket signs with that kind of palm affliction.

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