8 Things Every Athlete Should Know Before Going Pro

Keep Tabs on Your Wallet

Be mindful of your investments. Scottie Pippen won six championships with the Chicago Bulls and made over $120 million over his career, but he still ended up broke. The NBA legend sued his lawyers for basically not letting him know a private jet he purchased would turn into a money pit. “People are going to come with you with business ideas and you’re going to end up broke. At the end of the day it was your money that you put on the line, it wasn’t anybody else’s money,” says Shareef. “You really gotta vet everything.”

Maintain Your Brand, Starting Yesterday

“Every major business invests back in itself,” says Kearney. “Professional athletes tend not to invest back into their own longevity.” This means media training, hiring a stylist and getting personal trainers to keep your body healthy. It also means starting to learn about what fields you want to get into after your sports career is a wrap, which always comes sooner than you would like.

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