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BE Next: Was always intended to be a business venture or was this a passion/hobby that turned into one?

Adeniyi Omisore: From the start, we approached the execution of Singersroom as a business. Luckily we were able to take our passions for music, socializing and technology to create a business that we enjoyed doing everyday.

Gary Gentles: Adeniyi and I both majored in Computer Information Systems and Finance so once we started collaborating together, everything was about business. As far as Singersroom goes, this was a niche that was missing online at the time. There was a lot of hip-hop sites and a few soul sites but no online portal that showcased Rhythm & Blues as a whole.

What was the original concept behind Singersroom? Has the Singersroom brand evolved into something else or something bigger since it started?

Omisore: We started Singersroom before the blogosphere exploded and our concept was to create an online platform and community for R&B artists and fans. Over the past five years we have grown from being an online media outlet to a defining voice in R&B, creating interactive programs and concerts.

Gentles: Our core values have remained the same but like any product or service, we’ve made strategic additions to increase our fan base. Programs like Acoustic Conversation (offline/online) and 30 Under 30 (online) are examples of becoming more innovative, while adhering to our mission.

W. Deyior Dunbar: I think my addition to the team and our constant ability to redefine ourselves online and offline is a testament to becoming bigger and better. Our programs are constantly becoming more interactive and integrated merging online programs with events and video production.

Who is your target audience?

Omisore: Our goal is to reach general consumers participating in the R&B lifestyle, which tends to be mainly women of all ethnicities.

Dunbar: In order to be successful you have to understand your target audience. Our target audience happens to be predominantly female so we have to be sensitive to what women want to hear, talk about and experience.
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