Vanessa Simmons Launches New Lingerie Line ‘Rose’

Rev. Run’s little girls are all grown up. If the success of their footwear line Pastry wasn’t evidence enough, they launched their fashion and beauty site last week and now older sister Vanessa Simmons is taking her design talents to the boudoir with her new lingerie line Rose by Vanessa Jean.

The line aims to appeal to women of all sizes and budgets and is broken into three collections: the upscale diamond embellished “Naughty Lil Princess”  for “the chick who is a timeless classic;” “Rock Your Sexy,” which features corsets and items that help slim and shape a woman’s figure; and finally “Vintage Chic” which is inspired by the glamorous bedroom wear of the past.

Check out the video below for more from Simmons about her brand new line:

Vanessa Simmons Announces Rose by Vanessa Jean from Rose by Vanessa Jean on Vimeo.