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Hi, Hater: Squashing Workplace Beef from Start Can Ensure Less Drama in the End

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So you wake up, put on your fiercest business attire, walk into your office ready to take over the world and BAAAAAM … the hater is in your face ready to give you a daily dose of their get-under-your-skin antics. You put your professional foot forward, fool yourself one more time into thinking you can just be nice, keep your mouth shut, and ignore the hate, hoping it will die down and disappear. In actuality, all you have done is avoid conflict, a solution that brings momentary peace and is the calm before the storm.

Failing to address interpersonal problems in the workplace leads to loss of productivity and low morale, along with a host of other issues. This building resentment and hateration is hard to get rid of if not addressed at the onset. Hate can grow to a point of no return. At that point, the only solution is for the person causing the resentment to leave or “be punished.”

But, what do you do when you have to go to work and face someone who hates you for a myriad of unknown reasons, made you the victim of malicious office gossip, sabotaged your work and slandered your good name? You can continue to take the high road and ignore the taunting, but it will eventually take a toll on you if you let it.

I’m going to address those haters and tell you how to recognize them, why they hate, and how to rise above it.

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