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No. 7: Law and Public Policy. Recent college graduates who major in law and public policy will face an unemployment rate of 8.1%. The Georgetown University study finds that unemployment rates tend to be higher in non-technical majors.
No. 6: Computers and Mathematics. Recent graduates with a degree in computers and mathematics are at an unemployment rate of 8.2%. However, the study found that unemployment in this field varies depending on the major's technical and scientific content. Jobs will still be available for technical computer specialists who have the ability to write software and create new applications. Unfortunately, specialists who use software to manipulate, mine, and relay information will have a tough time getting a job during a recession. Those who invent computer technology will be in greater demand than those who use computer technology.
No. 5: Recreation. Those with a degree in recreation are at an 8.3% unemployment rate. Most degrees in recreation prepare sudents for careers in parks and recreation. The job involves creating programs for individuals and communities, as well as managing programs within the leisure services industry. Graduates often work at hotels and resorts, parks, and camps. The Georgetown study says that the more work experience one has, the greater the chances of obtaining employment. More experienced workers have lower unemployment rates and higher earnings than those who have recently graduated from college.
No. 4: Social Sciences. If you majored in a social science, expect an unemployment rate of 8.9%. Competition will be stiff for new graduates looking for jobs in social work, psychology, and similar careers.
No. 3: Humanities. New college grads with a degree in the humanities will see a 9.4% unemployment rate. According to the study, graduate degrees will improve employment prospects for all majors. The unemployment rate for graduate-degree holders is 3% compared to a 5% unemployment rate for bachelor's degree holders.
No. 2: Arts. Aspiring artists will face an 11.1% unemployment rate. Generally, non-technical majors have a significantly higher rate of unemployment.
No. 1: Architecture. New grads with a degree in architecture will experience a startling 13.9% unemployment rate. The study finds that college majors closely tied to occupations and industries can be problematic for job seekers, particularly if the industry collapses. According to the study, those who majored in architecture will have difficulty in the job market because of the collapse in construction and housing.

College Degrees with the Highest Unemployment Rates