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Lessons In Mastery

The forecast for Kerrie Holley’s future could have been bleak—and one that is all too familiar for a young boy raised by his grandmother in a tough urban setting. But enrolling in Chicago’s Sue Duncan Children’s Center at age 7 made a difference. Young Holley excelled in math and...

Getting to the Heart...

Audrey Boone Tillman manages most of the noncore business functions for Aflac Inc. As executive vice president for corporate services, she oversees operations for the divisions of Facilities and Health Services; strategic sourcing and procurement; corporate learning; the company’s print...

Leading While Learni...

Elsie McCabe Thompson knows today that as as a child she suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In fact, today she will tell you that she has a “host of learning disabilities.” Raised in Brooklyn, New York, where her mother was a nurse, her father a psychiatrist, and her...