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It’s a Living:...

Love it or hate it, we all have to go to work. Some of us are better with people than we are with computers and some of us are better with numbers than we are with words. With as many goods, services, and industries as there are, each of us is responsible for contributing to the bottom line...

WATCH: How to Make a...

Amos Winbush, 27, is founder and CEO of CyberSynchs L.L.C., which provides phone data backup and recovery services. His business currently supports 98% of all mobile devices, and its users are expected to number 12 million-plus by the end of 2010. Last year, CyberSynchs posted revenues of $2...

Bits & Bytes

“People are now starting to realize it isn’t just about hardware, networks, doing something with a server, or showing someone an application. It’s more than that,” says Phara McLachlan. “And especially in this economy, people are realizing they need to have certain programs in place...