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Concords, Christmas ...

If you’re a sneaker enthusiast or know someone who is, chances are you’ve probably heard the word “Concords” a lot in the past few days.  Even those who aren’t into kicks have probably seen “Concords” trending on Twitter in the U.S. or have heard the word on the news in...

5 Famous People You ...

With news of Zuccotti Park being cleared out early this morning we wondered what would happen to some of the celebrity support the Occupy Wall Street movement’s been getting. When we first saw multifaceted mogul Russell Simmons showing his support for the movement  back in September we...

Off My Chest: Why We...

When you spend as much time on Twitter and Facebook as I do, you know that there are certain recurring, seemingly universal themes in your stream of tweets and status updates. One of the most persistent topics is “haters” (also known as “h8ters” and...