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5 Famous People You ...

With news of Zuccotti Park being cleared out early this morning we wondered what would happen to some of the celebrity support the Occupy Wall Street movement’s been getting. When we first saw multifaceted mogul Russell Simmons showing his support for the movement  back in September we...

Steve Jobs Warned Ob...

Steve Jobs and President Barack Obama are two if the most iconic and important figures of our time. The late founder of Apple, Jobs was a creative genius and captain of industry and Barack Obama is, of course, the dynamic politician who captivated the nation with a messages of hope and change...

What Issues Should O...

Young adults were one of President Obama’s biggest voting blocks during the 2008 election. They turned out in record numbers and 68% of  the young voters chose Obama over McCain. But in 2011 with unemployment still high, the economy on the verge (or in the midst) of a “double-dip...