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Urban Lit Career Bui...

Urban fiction, sometimes called “street lit” or “hip-hop literature,” has  been one of the fastest growing segments of the book publishing industry in the last decade. Known for its R-rated subject matter, the genre’s raw descriptions of sex, drugs and violence in the inner-city...

Entrepreneur of the ...

Some say print media is as dead as disco; but don’t tell that to Brittany K. Earls. Taking her best shot at magazine mogulhood at a time when many publications are slashing staff or shutting down, Earls, now 25, launched Genesis in October 2009—and has never looked back. Well, for the...

4/11: Leaders of the...

With 2010 logged into the history books, it’s time to look forward to the future and the people, places and things that will shape our world for the next 12 months. Over the course of this week, will be giving you the 4/11 on some of the big innovations, developments and...