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Vanessa Simmons Laun...

Rev. Run’s little girls are all grown up. If the success of their footwear line Pastry wasn’t evidence enough, they launched their fashion and beauty site last week and now older sister Vanessa Simmons is taking her design talents to the boudoir with her new...

The Power of Color: ...

  If you’ve ever belabored over choosing what others might consider an insignificant detail, you’re not alone. Forty-one percent of women change their nail polish at least once a week. While most men (and some women) may overlook this minor detail, there’s more to the...

This Week on The B.E...

Vanessa and Angela Simmons, co-founders of the urban fashion venture Pastry Footwear, are featured in the Entrepreneur of the Week segment on this week’s edition of the Black Enterprise Business Report, hosted by Caroline V. Clarke. Vanessa, 27, and Angela, 23, are the daughters of...