Michele Thornton-Ghee

Michele Thornton-Ghee

Michele Thornton-Ghee

Media Professional, Author & Speaker

Michele Thornton is a wife, mother, and high-­‐ranking media execu9ve who resides in New Jersey. Born and raised in Oakland, California, Michele received her Bachelor of  Arts from Golden Gate University. Thornton recently authored her first book Stratechic: Life and Career Winning Strategies for Women. She wanted to write a book that encouraged women to tap into the strategies they were born with. There was a 10-­‐year gap between high school and college where Thornton worked menial jobs, gained 30 pounds, and tragically lost her father to cancer. She views her dad’s death as the catalyst for change in her life. While on his deathbed, Thornton vowed to make  her father  proud. Walt Thornton and many others are very proud of not only what Michele has accomplished in her career, but what she has given back to the world. Stratechic is another example of Thornton’s commitment to the world, her community, and to women.

Thornton has inspired and mo9vated many through a host of speaking engagements including headlining the 2016 W.E.A.L.T.H Experience. The W.E.A.L.T.H. Experience is a three-­‐day women’s retreat led by celebrity financial coach and entertainment industry execu9ve, Lynn Richardson, alongside entertainer, entrepreneur and philanthropist MC Lyte. Recently, Michele was invited to give a featured address at True Vine Ministries in her hometown in Oakland, California. She has been featured on and moderated various panels including Omnicom Media Group’s InternaAonal Women’s Day 2015 and she will  a guest speaker at Omnicom Media Group’s InternaAonal Women’s Day 2016, Verizon’s Black History Month CelebraAon: CreaAng a BeKer Future for the Digital World, AWNY’s 2016 Reboot, Recharge, Renew and Raise the Bar’s Win, Rock & Rule to name a few.

In her professional career Michele serves as the Head of Television Sales for Centric TV and BET Soul. Thornton was instrumental in the rebranding of Centric as ‘The First Network Designed for Black Women.

Prior to joining BET Networks, Michele has worked for CNN, HLN, CNN Airport networks, CNN.com, A&E, The History Channel and The Weather Channel. She started her career  at SBC Communica9ons where she honed her sales and nego9a9on skills, and learned the importance and benefits of superior customer service and posi9ve energy.

Thornton has received numerous awards including the 2011 AAF Mosaic Role Model of the Year and the 2009 ADCOLOR Change Agent. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for Hip Hop Sisters Founda9on and ADCOLOR. Thornton is married with two children.

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