‘Fifty Educated African Americans’ (or, Why Black Enterprise?)

A reminder from a beloved Harvard admissions officer to lift as we climb rings with new meaning in the Age of Obama.

15 times more African American undergraduates have matriculated at Harvard than in the previous 334 years. He has been a proctor in Harvard Yard, an adviser to first-year students, an assistant dean of freshmen and, he likes to think, a friendly responder to anyone seeking help. He has also been an adviser to the Harvard Foundation since its inception in 1981, and in 2002 received the highest honor that Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences confers on an administrator, the FAS Administrative Prize. At the Black Alumni Weekend in October 2003 some generous alumnae and alumni announced the establishment of the David L. Evans Scholarship Fund.

Alfred A. Edmond Jr. is the editor in chief at BlackEnterprise.com

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  • From Opression to the Peak

    From the strongholds of oppression
    They bore heirs to the thrown of grace
    Through the struggle and humiliation
    They wore the pain on their face
    No medication, to help cope with the strife
    No comfort came to console at night
    Through the ridicule, low pay, and degredation
    They endured for the making of a great nation

    Great nation you say, This I cannot see
    Their heirs are jailed and mocked
    Always in trouble they seem to be
    But yet there are those who have made them proud
    oh yes, they have done quite well so say it loud
    Changed over time to educate and empower
    There is one who rose up like a might tower
    A nation that once left them without a cent
    has now made their heir the president

    Geneva Rochester
    Copyright ©2008 Geneva Rochester