Kim Burrell: My Thoughts On Her Comments

Gospel singer and pastor faces backlash for calling gays and lesbians perverted

Kim Burrell, rainbow flag,
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I first learned of Kim Burrell’s fiery sermon against same-sex love—calling it “perverted” and an “embarrassment”—through Waddie G, creator of G-Listed, a blog of urban pop, LGBT, and social cultures. He took to task the Grammy-nominated and Stellar Award-winning gospel singer and pastor for her homophobic comments. Waddie was rallying people to keep Burrell from appearing on The Ellen Show. She was scheduled to perform “I See a Victory,” a song on the Hidden Figures movie soundtrack. Ellen DeGeneres, a lesbian no less, dropped Burrell as a guest.

The controversy started when a video of Burrell surfaced last week with her stating, “I came to tell you about sin. That sin nature, that perverted homosexual spirit, and the spirit of delusion and confusion, it has deceived many men and women. You as a man, you open your mouth and take a man’s penis in your face, you are perverted. You are a woman and will shake your face in another woman’s breast, you are perverted.”

Yet, obviously, Burrell doesn’t have a problem making money off of perverted lesbians and gay men because apparently she has been featured on out singer Frank Ocean’s track, “Godspeed.”

Burrell’s Hypocritical Defense

Burrell claims that she does not hate LGBT people. She said on Facebook Live that she has never discriminated against gays and lesbians. “I came on because I care about God’s creation. And every person from the LGBT and any other kind of thing that is supporting gay, I never said LGBT last night, I said S-I-N.” Burrell went on to say, “I love you and God loves you, but God hates the sin.”

WTF! Same ole, same ole hypocritical theological hate speech clouded as a sin sermon. When’s the last sermon you heard about “if a woman opens her legs and lets a man who is not her husband penetrate her then she is perverted? And, if that said woman bears a child outside of wedlock she is perverted, and the very existence of that illegitimate offspring is an abomination that is damned until the 10th generation.” Hey, this is not hate speech about unwed mothers just pointing out how God hates the sin of fornication and bastardization. You feel me, right. If you believe the innocence of that statement I have a deed to the Brooklyn Bridge that I wish to sell to you.

In a Facebook video post, Waddie G of the G-Listed commented on Burrell committing the sin of indulgence, talking specifically about gluttony and pointing out the fact that Burrell is obese. Hey hold up, he’s just hating on the sin of gluttony—overeating or overdrinking—and not making fun of Burrell by indirectly insinuating that she is an extremely fat and grotesque black woman because that would be cruel and hurtful commentary.

TSU Cans Burrell’s Radio Show

KTRK reports that the HBCU Texas Southern University is ending Burrell’s radio show “Bridging the Gap,” which airs Sunday afternoons on it radio station KTSU. The weekly show debuted in June 2016 and promised to give her fans and new listeners a mix of encouragement and entertainment. This was the first venture as a radio host for Burrell, a Houston native, to display her “unique take on music, life, and society,” according to a station press release. The Houston Chronicle also reports that Burrell’s television talk show Keep It Moving with Kim Burrell on the CW is no longer listed on the station’s log. The show started in September.

Gospel singer and Pastor Shirley Caesar came to Burrell’s defense by stating, “You should’ve said something four years ago when our president made that stuff alright.” Again, WTF? President Obama and the Supreme Court protected the rights of LGBT people—one-third of whom identify as people of color—to access healthcare benefits to joint parenting to transferring wealth.

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Instead of hiding behind religious ignorance, people need to respect the civil, social, and human rights of others, especially those pastors who are from the school of theology that supports LGBT people being punished. In 10 countries that means murder. Where homosexuality isn’t punishable by death it is illegal in 73 other countries.

Much love—one love—to those artists who appeared on the Hidden Figures soundtrack with Burrell that have spoken out against her, including Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae, and Pharrell Williams who wrote, “I condemn hate speech of any kind.”

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the individual author.

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  • Adrian

    Whoever wrote this sounds like an idiot. It being a sin isn’t her words, it’s Gods words and it’s written in the Bible. Her saying that she loves them is what she is commanded to do, God said that we can not judge and we have to live every like he loves, a reflection of him. That to is in the Bible, try reading it for yourself. Now the last thing that is in the Bible is that Pastors/ Ministers are supposed to preach Gods word, so basically they work for him. The are commanded to teach his word. So with that said, would you knock a Professor for teaching from a text book that he was hired to teach from? No. So why are Pastors being attacked for doing there jobs. This is one topic out of many. why is it that we don’t hear the same ridicule when they preach about, murderers, liar, cheaters, adulterers or even alcoholics, when all of these topics are in the Bible and label as sins as well. No sin is better or worst than the other, a sin is a sin. When the Pastor is preach about those other sins in Sunday service all I hear from the same people that are complaining, is That’s rights Pastor, You better tell em, or You know that’s right. SMH!! My pastor is REAL, Won’t he do it!!! But that one Sunday when he decides to Teach about the elephants in the room, he’s Preaching hate, and this is the problem with black churches. So basically I gotta sit back and just eat it when they preach about my sins, but you get to beef and get people fired when it’s your turn.

    Also white Pastors and white churches teach the same exact message, they’re all in YouTube, so why is the black Pastor and black churches the only ones being attacked.

    • Jas


    • Erica Lynell

      You said this so well Adrian..there nothing else that I can say. She is giving us the word from the Bible.

    • Maureen

      Somebody put it straight. Thanks Adrian. The bible says ‘cry loud and spare not.’ For all of you that are unleashing your hatred, have you heard of Sodom and Gomorrah?! Also, doesn’t Kim have the same rights as you? Freedom of speech? Freedom of expression?

    • We don’t hear preaching so passionate about other sins because those sins can be forgiven if asked for;however sleeping with a person of the same sex the Bible says should be put to death (Leviticus 20:13) a person that’s dead doesn’t have the chance to be forgiven in biblical times because if they were found guilty of that sin, immediately they would be put to death. Today we have a chance to ask for forgiveness!

    • Dee

      I agree Adrian. So many are jumping on this bandwagon and having it published in popular spreads. But that’s freedom of speech, right? I guess it’s different when it’s coming from a believer. Black Enterprise is a joke for even “riding in the same boat” as these jokers. Bottom line is this, if it is ok or ordained why don’t they go and forfill one of the first commandments…..be fruitful and MULTIPLY! The world would come to an end if that was the case. IJS. Another one bites the dust….goodbye Black Enterprise!

    • mary

      We must spread love. This is why God left the judging for himself. This is my take, As a woman, who is black, that’s been dealing with weight issues for a long time, Kim should be sympathetic to all. If she can say what she feels, So can I. According to the Bible God said woman are not suppose to teach over men so technically what or who gave her the right to preach? By her having an extensive battle with weight, one would say she is gluttonous and ask her, if she is for bringing back slavery? Since it was never eradicated in the Bible. This is why we should not judge because it open the door for us to be judge and not to mention using Sunday as a holy day. The Sabbath is Saturday. This list can go on but then It makes me sound like her. smh

  • Cherrell

    I am saddened by the fact that BE has even chosen to post this article. How many desks did this article pass before clearing? Have you forgotten your audience? We are not the trendy, gossiping, celebrity follower types. Your audience is of those who don’t have time for this nonsense. Serve your audience or you will loose it.

    • Deidre

      I couldn’t have said that better. Wrong audience.
      Try Buzz. But this rushed, ill-prepared written rant is an insult to your audience and impacts your brand.

  • Wow. Just wow. I’m stunned and amazed at how small minded and defensive “liberal” people can be at times. If you don’t believe in Christ and the Bible and it’s teachings what do care what some Christian Pastor says about your soul?? You obviously don’t subscribe to her Faith so how does this effect YOU?! Just a bunch of fake and phony outrage over and issue that’s YOUR personal choice.
    The writer article has a personal bias and a small mind. May God have mercy on her soul.

  • Niece

    Anyone against Rev. Burrell is against Christ. How are u mad b/c she’s speaking truth? The word of God speaks against homosexuality. Even though the Obama Administration tried to make it right for all to be accepted, you and I both know its wrong. Come against Burrell and anyone else that’s a Christian isn’t going to change the fact that that lifestyle is against what God designed in the beginning… A male Adam and his wife Eve to procreate! From the old Testament to the new homosexuality was condemned. It doesn’t matter what this article says, many of us will continue to stand for right! So if Rev. Burrell lose everything, God will supply all her needs. I pray that God will open the eyes of the lost before he returns. You better hope ur right b/c there’s a lake of fire for all lost souls in the end.

  • Darnica

    What does this have to do with Black Enterprise? When did you all start doing blogs on social/spiritual matters?

  • Phyllis

    My question is how did we get here when is what’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong. I’ve been black and a women my entire life and have been discriminated against because of being a black women more than I can count. Homosexuality isn’t apart of God’s design. As people of God we’ve got too preach the Gospel without watering it down but preach with compassion for the lost. Because I’m telling you there a lot of people who are in church today struggling with their sexual identity and how do we get them to come forward and change their behaviorsand get the counsel that they need. Sexuality is very complicated it’s not going too disappear over night. Many people even Christians who say they love the Lord have struggled with their sexual proclivities. However On the other hand a lot of teens who classified themselves as being Gay get bullied some have committed suicide again how do we reach out to them before they take their lives. The Gospel is simple Jesus doesn’t want anyone to perish into the lake of fire but we need to do more with a compassionate ear listen to the pain of so those who’ve been rejected abandoned lost without hope . A lot parents and families have disowned those who are Gay. So we as the church need to rely on Godly counselors so we aren’t allied with those who’ve thrown away and abandoned those who are hurting. We want to be a place of healing for those who are lost and hurting. No matter there sexuality. Those of us who’ve been lost and hurt by others being hurt by people who suppose to love you is an equal opportunity lifestyle which isn’t exempt from any of us.

  • Cecelia

    We are all sinners saved by GOD’S grace and mercy, none of us has the right to judge one another. GOD doesn’t judge, he teaches us.

  • Shay

    People!!!! This thing is blown out of control! Kim Burrell was in A Church teaching the Bible!!!’ Disagreement does Not equal judgement or hate! Too many people are missing the point! This is NOT the only sin. It just so happened On this particular day she happened to be talking/teaching on the subject! Yes we are free to live the way we want, but the Bible is very clear!!!
    It doesn’t matter who doesn’t agree with the Bible(even me). It will never change to accommodate my sin!
    People are making this a hate issue and it Is Not!!! Teaching the Bible is not judging, it’s Truth!

    • DLac

      This is so true what you are saying Shay!!!

  • Moody Wonder

    Understand ….there is no such thing as “God’s” word…. It’s only the “Belief & Idea” of “God’s” & “God’s Words” to exist..

  • Moody Wonder

    Further more “Sin” is a human man made construct… That was created to validate the idea &belief of the human constructs of Gods, Indoctrination, Heaven & Hell..

    Love & Humanity & Unity Over (Beliefs, Myths & Superstitions)….

  • M Worth

    How is it that the most intolerant people demand the most tolerance from everybody??? I can’t help but think that the LGBTQ community comes off like a bunch of brats. If someone says something they don’t like, they have a major tantrum and go well out of their way to destroy people – murder their careers of many, many years behind five minutes of commentary that they find offensive. SMH! That’s tolerance? That’s acceptance? That’s love? That’s not discrimination, hatred, and all the other things the gay community accuse homophobes of perpetrating against them – all done to people who feel, think, act, and speak differently than mainstream society?? I find it all to be grossly hypocritical. What’s wrong with agreeing to disagree while maintaining some dignity and mutual respect? And when did it ever become a problem to preach one’s faith in their church?? This is a very dangerous precedent. One that all faiths should be paying really close attention to.

  • MK

    Stick to issues relevant to Black advancement, not these “horizontal” distraction issues as Neely Fuller talked about-feminism, gay community, name your “ism” etc. Fuller predicted years ago about 6 genders would be introduced to confuse the Black community off of the goal: replacing white supremacy with a system of justice. Keep it about Black Enterprise.

  • This article’s headline is extremely unprofessional. Why don’t you speak up for Black People with the same intensity that you do for homosexuals? You would never see anything like this The Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, Forbes or Fortune Magazine.

  • Meme

    Lmbo #ohhhh those black baptists want Burrell to keep those gay and lesbian dollars ! Wonder what sin she’s willing to do to keep her radio show, gigs, etc perhaps Kim Burrell will indulge! Black baptists are drunk and under the illusion of spoken words by mere men and women! Theyre comprehension is low therefore they take what they can get & believe it! Let it be known #gay or lesbian has Nothing to do being a chile molester #Eddie Bullshit Long!

    • Meme

      Typo not able to edit however I meant: There comprehend level is low…
      being gay or lesbian has Nothing to do with being a child molester!

  • Meme

    I enjoyed this article #necessary!

  • Min. Sherman

    The Spoken Word of God is just that…Min. Burrell God bless you for the truth. We often see how far many will compromise Gods Word for dollar signs, or even good music or angelic voices….but, how many ordained to carry Gods Holy Word will do so in the truth of all things! Amen.

  • Stand with God, rebuke the hypocrites

    Last time I checked, gluttony is a sin and an abomination. I don’t care if you have a medical condition because she is destroying the temple of God. The next time I see her at McDonald’s, I’m gonna smack the living hell out of her hands clutching onto those big Macs and fries! See this is where most of you are sick and cannot READ the Bible much less make common sense from it. She is preaching hate! Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of Pride…The Bible says so. It mentions nothing about gay people. When is the last time you’ve seen gay people gang rape anyone? Nope, that’s a heterosexual thing – they even do it to the same sex.. check your facts.
    Furthermore, if they were destroyed because of gay people (it’s simply not the case) then all the world better stop heterosexuals because in the floors, they were marrying and divorcing and marrying again. Then God said enough. Let’s generalize that to some bias. You need to repent, get rid of your biases against God’s gay people and BARK ALL AROUND YOUR OWN BACK YARD!!!!!!

  • Stand with God, rebuke the hypocrites

    In the flood, not floors but no telling what acts straight people were doing back in those days on the floors anyway. So, I rebuke you, so-called Christian, haters. The true sheep of God are waiting for His revival and when you get to heaven and see the saints of God who were same gender loving, you gonna be real mad and maybe run yourselves to hell trying to get away from the truth!

  • Stand with God, rebuke the hypocrites

    Kim Burrell, I pray for you that your hypocrisy is revealed and that the shame of your nakedness is covered (it may be a really large sheet to cover all of that) but at any rate, I pray. And I have pity on you that you won’t Read the Bible and really know Christ. Let me say this to all of you who may be reading…The carnal scare tactics of hell and dying will not do a thing to bring anyone to Christ. Condemnation won’t either! It is the Love of Christ. Let me say again, the LOVE OF JESUS, that draws ALL men to repentance. So start teaching love and see what happens to ya. Until then, Sis Burrell, in error, try stepping down from the pulpit as the Bible says the bishop should be a MAN of one wife. I don’t see how you can do that unless you transition and it also told you, women, keep silence. If you wanna go toe to toe with gay cainst of God, you better know your Word honey because we are coming for you and God is coming for us in this last revival that we are in. The gay same gender loving sheep are coming home to God to do His work in this last day. Fully accepted and fully with God! Catch a glimpse of Peter’s scrolls…It’s time to drop the hate and stop trying to bind those that God has set free!