AAI Anniversary Awards Gala: Global Business Leaders Talk Bridging the Gap Between Africa and America

Africa-America Institute 60th Anniversary Awards Gala – Briefing & Arrivals

"We have seen how Africa has grown. If you look at the GDP, since 2011, on average it has increased by 5%. That's second to Asia and beats Europe and the Middle East, therefore Africa is in the right trajectory, said Ali Moshiri, president, Chevron Africa/Latin America. "With the human capacity and capability, it will be one of the major growing continents on Earth."

On building human capital:
"Today our operation in Africa is run by more than 90% of people from the continent we operate in. ... There is also cross-training in the different places of operation, some in the U.S. and in other countries ... The pace of human-capacity building needs to be accelerated through formal education. ... Also, Africa is closer to the U.S. than the Middle East and provides a lot of resources to the United States. ... Therefore whatever you can do to help out and create the human capacity is the right thing to do, and that's the reason we believe in AAI."

“We have seen how Africa has grown. If you look at the GDP, since 2011,…

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