BE’s Guide for Success in 2017: Your Career

Here's to professional success and prosperity in the New Year



The Black Enterprise Guide for Success in 2017 will help you prepare your finances, career, and life to maximize your personal and professional success in the New Year. In this series, you’ll find a selection of hand picked stories providing tips and expert advice in your journey toward becoming more financially, professionally, and personally sound.

Below is a round-up of articles that will help you find your dream job and prosper in your career.



How to Key Up For Success In the New Year


Welcome in the New Year with open arms by implementing the following three strategies that will prepare you for success in 2017.


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It’s hard to believe, but in just a few short days, 2016 will officially be over. As we approach this critical benchmark, it’s important to take inventory of the current year, to determine how to proceed into the next. With so many factors to consider and possibly even more at stake, are you ready to close out this chapter, and embrace a brand new one? Well, no matter where you fare on the readiness scale, these strategies will help you key up for success in the new year.



5 Powerful Strategies You Must Consider for 2017


These strategies will help you create positive changes in your life, and position you for a better year ahead.


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Are you ready to close out 2016, and enter 2017 with a clean slate? There are a few concepts you should consider, for entering the new year. If you are ready for positive changes in your life and want 2017 to be your best year yet, follow these five strategies to help you stay on the right track.




Strategies for Landing and Succeeding in Your Dream Job


Increase your odds of getting hired, even in a competitive job market, and once employed, excel in your new position.


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The process of interviewing and landing that dream job is, without a doubt, not science. In fact, in this competitive job market, it can leave the most qualified applicant feeling as though they’re in the midst of a Vegas crapshoot.




3 New Years Goals That Most Entrepreneurs Haven’t Considered


To take your career into an unexpected, yet profitable direction, try these nontraditional New Year’s resolutions.


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Are you stuck working on the same New Year’s goals you’ve had for the past few years? Don’t get stuck with the same goals—it becomes a repetitive process that stops inspiring you to do more. If you want to achieve something different, you have to be willing to try something different.  Be cautious: this list of goals will require you to get outside of your head, and conquer those fear demons you’ve been avoiding the majority of your life.