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Mostly E’s: Sports Phenom, You Are Janet Cherobon-Bawcom

This Kenyan-born marathon runner has beat records, had eight NCAA All-American titles, three Division II national championship wins to her name, and has also won three U.S. national road championships. The humble athlete went from an unknown who ran marathons for fun to becoming a front-runner to watch on this year’s U.S. Olympics team.

In training her body and mind for the utmost in stamina, strength and endurance, Bawcom has earned a place in the top ranks of runners and will compete against the best of the best in July in London.

Sports phenoms like Cherobon-Bawcom are oftentimes determined, disciplined and strategic, pushing their bodies and minds to the limit to achieve their ultimate goals. They lead with patience and skill, can think fast under pressure and train their minds and bodies to sustain power, energy and fierceness in competitions that can be more about big-picture goals, not short-term wins. Oftentimes the road to success is not a sprint, but one that encompasses unyielding sacrifice and gradual progress. They lead healthy lifestyles that support strength in mind, body and spirit, and they make those things a top priority. They understand how those elements are directly linked to their holistic success.

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