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Mostly F’s: Entrepreneurial Prodigy, You Are Tina Wells

This young innovator started her journey into entrepreneurship at age 16, writing product reviews for a newspaper. Her gift for being on the pulse of consumer trends and needs would soon be used to start her multi-million-dollar business, Buzz Marketing Group. Never thinking her skills for knowing what’s hot among her young peers would turn into an enterprise, Wells and her team expanded her company to serve fashion, media and entertainment industry clients including American Eagle, Reebok, Time Inc., and Nike, providing all they need to know about the youth consumer and what young generations consider attractive and in-demand.

She’s gone on to become a major influencer and expert on marketing and consumer trends, with widespread media exposure, awards and even serving as an instructor for’s  Small Business University (SBU), a free online video course offering expert advice to entrepreneurs looking to start and grow profitable small businesses.

Entrepreneurial prodigies don’t let age hinder them from chasing their dreams and are go-getters practically from birth. They are not shy about their opinions, passions and skills, and they know how to gather support from mentors and investors who can contribute to their future success. They stay abreast of the latest news, issues and trends that affect Generation Y and they tap into their peers for support and career advancement. They are not afraid of change, nor are they afraid of failure. They build dream teams composed of other young leaders who will someday lead major companies — or companies of their own — into a new world of innovation and forward movement. They are not intimidated by senior professionals or seasoned businesspeople, however they recognize the value of wisdom and longevity and seek to learn from them.

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