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Mostly Cs: Radical Community Servant, You Are Al Sharpton

One can’t mention civil rights and activism without mentioning the Rev. Al Sharpton. With more than three decades working as a spiritual adviser, public speaker, protestor, media pundit, and community advocate, Sharpton has been the go-to guy for pushing for justice in many contemporary racially-charged tragedies. From pushing for a special prosecution in the case of three black men murdered in Howard Beach in 1986 to aiding to get public awareness and criminal investigation in the highly publicized police brutality cases of Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell, Sharpton has always served, while facing much criticism, as the voice of everyday people who find their cries for justice ignored. The host of his own show, MSNBC’s PoliticsNation, Sharpton has offered his passionate and engaging insights on politics, community issues and racial inequality on NBC, CNN and Fox News.

A radical community servant like Sharpton walks their own path and has a tell-it-like-it-is approach. They are not afraid to stand for what they believe in, even if it’s not majority opinion. They have a fierce passion for justice and protecting the underserved. They actively build relationships and make their presence known in communities, and may even be led by a “higher calling.” They are great orators and make moves to establish themselves as key social influencer.

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