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Mostly Ds: Fab Fashionpreneur, You Are Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons knows a thing or two about hard work and leadership, having grown up as the daughter of Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons of powerhouse hip-hop trio Run DMC and niece of music mogul Russell Simmons. Her father and his groupmates changed the landscape of music with their hip-hop hits and style, and her uncle put urban and hip-hop culture on the mainstream map after co-founding Def Jam Records and fashion line Phat Farm. When Simmons took the baton, she went on to make her own mark on pop culture and fashion as co-founder of Pastry Footwear with her sister, turning one shoe line into a multi-million-dollar fashion brand and expanding her portfolio into reality TV and commercial endorsements with companies including Indique Hair.

A fab fashionpreneur like Simmons knows how to tap into resources right in their backyard, gaining inspiration from family, friends and peers. They focus first on passions that are inbred and seek ways to make money from using those passions. They know that just because they come from success and wealth, they’re not guaranteed success of their own unless they do their own work and offer their own unique service to the market. They work hard and play hard, and use youth to their advantage, building their empires early, bit by bit and piece by piece. They recognize the importance of education, being on the scene (and highly active on social media) and using fame for positive advancement and strategic networking.

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