These 6 College Majors Will Secure Your Future

If you are unsure of which major to pick, these six options are more likely to yield success in the job market following graduation


College is the time when you are prompted to make decisions that can affect the rest of your life. You’re encouraged to select a career that will inevitably lead you to a life of fulfillment, joy, purpose, and security—you hope.

Choosing your career relies heavily on what you want in return. Is it money you’re after? Are you looking for a career that leans more toward service? Or are you a creative? Knowing what you ultimately want is the first factor in determining where to sew your collegiate seeds.

If you’re looking for sustainability, competitive salary, and job security, job site, Indeed, has offered insight on what may be the best college majors for you.

“Our recent research tells us that the most high-potential jobs of the future are concentrated in a relatively few key sectors, creating both an opportunity and a challenge to students figuring out a major,” said Tara Sinclair, Chief Economist for Indeed, in a released statement. “Gone are the days when a college degree could guarantee financial security. It is increasingly important for job seekers to think carefully about where their studies will lead them.”

According to Indeed’s findings, as of 2014, students looking for strong career paths in the future are encouraged to consider computer science, engineering, healthcare administration, and finance majors.

The National Center for Education Statistics also revealed that business, health services, and biological and biomedical services were among the country’s top five most popular majors, while engineering ranked eighth, and computer and information services came in 11th.

These areas of study all have something in common; they’re in high demand, they are expansive, and they require human skills to accomplish. Thus, there is little chance of automation.

All is not lost for those who may opt for a career in the liberal arts. Sinclair suggests that those who are looking into liberal arts careers supplement their degrees with training, courses, related work experiences, or internships in fields that lean more towards those fields that are currently thriving.

Check out Indeed’s list of the majors you may want to look into, to secure your future, below:

1. Computer and Information Sciences


Majors Include: Computer Science, Computer Programming, Computer Networking

2. Engineering


Majors Include: Engineering, Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

3. Architecture


Majors Include: Architecture

4. Business (Management)


Majors Include: Business Administration, International Business

5. Health Professions and Related Programs


Majors Include: Biology, Nursing, Medical Assistant, Healthcare Administration, Medicine, Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy

6. Business (Finance)


Majors Include: Finance, Accounting, Economics

Check out Indeed for more information.

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  • Sol Rothstein

    Please STOP TELLING Black children to go into Computer programming. It’s being outsource to other nations. YOU WILL BE looking for one job to the next…an ever perpetual employment search.

    Unless you plan on OPENING YOUR OWN contracting — PROGRAMMING company, you will be too up and down for job stability.

  • C M Anderson

    I’m most strongly disagree the comment that we should stop directing our kids to computer science . Although many firms are indeed outsourcing IT services, jobs are plentiful. In fact, many of the firms that outsourced in mass, years ago are already starting to claw those jobs back. Mostly because they are not getting the business value they originally anticipated. (I’ve been in the IT field for over twenty years. So I know a little something. Also, strong technical skills are the gateway to other careers. For example, business intelligence and data analytics is in much demand as well. I happen to teach Business Analytics at the undergraduate and graduate level too. So I see the direct importance and value.)

    This is a subject that’s worthy of debate.

    • Sol Rothstein

      CM Anderson,

      I run a digital marketing business, with my cousin. We do blogs, content creation, and digital advertising. We run over 75 websites, none are programmed with American programmers. We use a company that outsources TOP NOTCH Computer Programmers & Engineers straight from Bangladesh. We pay them between $35 to $65 per hour, based on graphics, animation, and web-coding. American worker want between $95 to $150 per hr., now do you understand why, I am saying this.

      The American worker cost too much, and doesn’t have the ability to compete. You will be hired and fired or under-paid and over-worked.

      Just stating the facts.