Construction Entrepreneur Talks 7 Steps to Power Positioning for Women


Change your mindset from "manager thinker" to "leadership shaper." 

"Most of us are trained, especially women of color, on how to be great managers. We can manage from sun up to sun down, but no one teaches us how to  lead," Perry says. "Leadership is not about getting 10,000 tasks done, but seeing to  the next day that nobody else can see and staying in that visionary place." Don't get too stuck in the business of everyday tasks that you're not focused on the big picture and planning for big-picture wins. "It is so key, because you end up having your business as your job if you don't, and that's when the burn-out comes and the failure comes," Perry adds.

A great career or business coach can help with this.   "[Getting coaching] was the biggest thing for me because what you think is who you are," Perry says. "My thinking and behavior patterns had to completely shift."

Change your mindset from “manager thinker” to “leadership shaper.”

“Most of us are trained, especially…

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