From College Graduation to Career Success: Your Step-by-Step Guide

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<strong>SHOW AND PROVE:</strong> Long gone are the days of breaks between classes and flexible hours (unless you were fortunate enough to land a job with those perks). Now it's time to transition into full-time work mode. Be prepared and on top of your game. Avoid stress and wasted time by <a title="prepping your look" href=""><strong>prepping your look</strong></a>, travel and mindset for the next day --- or even week --- the night before. Set those alarms and create a routine that will <a title="maximize your work and personal time" href=""><strong>maximize your work and personal time</strong></a>. Be willing to learn and flexible to doing any task. Be a team player, but <a title="don't pause" href=""><strong>don't pause</strong></a> when its your time to shine. If possible, begin documenting your triumphs and challenges, not only for self-growth, but also for when the time comes for that raise or promotion. Also, ask questions of your supervisor at the appropriate time to find out how you're doing and how you could improve. And don't forget to take care of the <a title="appropriate paperwork" href=""><strong>appropriate paperwork</strong></a>, such as your health documents, 401k set-up and direct deposit.

&lt;strong&gt;SHOW AND PROVE:&lt;/strong&gt; Long gone are the days of breaks between classes and flexible hours…