From College Graduation to Career Success: Your Step-by-Step Guide


<strong>GET YOUR NETWORK ON: </strong>If you haven't already, it's time to network, network, network. Start talking to people in your field of interest or at your new job, and keep in touch with other recent graduates, whether it's via professional events and after-work mixers or trade group and organization meetings. Stay connected via <a title="social media" href=""><strong>social media</strong></a>, Yahoo groups or Website forums. Showcase your level of expertise via organic relationship-building tasks (ie chats over coffee or brunch, or e-mails detailing interesting industry news). If you haven't landed a job yet, experts advise job seekers to let mentors and others in their field know they're looking for employment, and get their <a title="resume reviewed and altered" href=""><strong>resume reviewed and altered</strong></a> if needed. Interact with others who have had job-seeking success and take a page from their books.

&lt;strong&gt;GET YOUR NETWORK ON: &lt;/strong&gt;If you haven&#039;t already, it&#039;s time to network, network, network. Start…