From College Graduation to Career Success: Your Step-by-Step Guide


<strong>GET THAT JOB:</strong> If you haven't already landed your gig or started your search, be sure to tap into your readily available resources and networks, comb career and company Websites, and start casting your job seeking net. Take a great tip from Aisha Taylor of TAYLORmade Professional Career Consulting: <a title="Think outside the box" href=""><strong>Think outside the box</strong></a> when it comes to job seeking. It definitely goes beyond simply sending out dozens of resumes and cover letters per day. Be aggressively proactive <a title="---creative even---" href=""><strong>---creative even---</strong></a> when trying to land the opportunity of your dreams. They may be where you least expect, from a conversation with your local favorite eatery or boutique to a lead arising from your days as a volunteer at your church or after-school program.

&lt;strong&gt;GET THAT JOB:&lt;/strong&gt; If you haven&#039;t already landed your gig or started your search, be…