Gear Up For Post-Recession Success

This is the ideal time to upgrade skill sets and learn new industries

Continuing Education and Certificate Programs
Many colleges and universities offer a variety of master’s degrees and graduate certificates in versatile industries. Continuing education programs reflect the emerging trends, opportunities available in numerous fields. Programs include Master’s degrees in human resource management and development, integrated marketing, and public relations and corporate communications. Also offered are graduate certificates in core business competencies, human resource management, and information technology. Some business schools, such as the Kellogg School of Management, collaborate with Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA), an intensive program with courses on the essentials of risk measurement, markets and financial instruments, corporate treasury management, and credit risk management.

Online Programs and Webinars
Online colleges like the University of Phoenix and Devry University offer a wide range of programs in new media, green business, communications, hospital administration, and multimedia programs. Industry-specific courses allow you to enhance your knowledge without the long-term financial and time commitment of a full-time program.

Trade Associations
The Association of Legal Administrators and other trade associations host live and recorded online webinars on topics such as communications, new media, technology, and accessing the global marketplace.

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