Women of Power: Young Leader Teaches Girls Importance of ‘Going Global’

How Martice Sutton used international adventures to spark social enterprise

What’s your ultimate goal for the GGG?

The ultimate goal for GGG is to build a movement of young travelistas and inspire global awareness and leadership! We want to take the privilege out of travel and make global engagement a priority among black girls. I specifically see this happening by expanding the organization and building chapters throughout the U.S. to provide black girls with cultural experiences in their cities or communities.

Do you have mentors who have helped you along the way?

In many ways GGG originated and operated as a one woman show. In the past year both Shaleah Sutton of the Uniquely You Summit organization and Brandi Harvey of the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation have been my mentors and have been instrumental in my faith to push GGG forward. They have truly been blessings to my journey. I also admire all that Beverly Bond has created with the BLACK GIRLS ROCK! movement and look up to her as a virtual mentor.

What’s next for Girls Going Global?

In July we will be taking 10 girls to Costa Rica! This is a big deal for us because it’s our first trip flying. In the fall we plan to host our ‘Passport to the World’ program, conduct another round of Passport Workshops and Scholarships, and possibly host a winter 2014 trip! The goal is to one day host a minimum of 2 international trips per year and impact a minimum of 50 girls. The priority for this year is to build a solid team of people who are genuinely interested in taking the mission of GGG to the next level, this includes board members, interns, and I’m even open to a right hand woman!

For more information about Girls Going Global, and to find out how you can support, visit GirlsGoingGlobal.org.

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