How Recent Graduates Are Navigating the Job Market

Young jobseekers talk challenges, alternatives

0810_CollegePaulFisher_edited-1Paul Fischer
Lane College, Jackson, Tennessee

I started my job search really early. The job search was kind of tough with me being a senior in my fall semester. I was also searching for graduate schools at the time. It’s mostly been about who I know and the people I’ve made connections with. Right now, I’m going through a recruiting process at with the Association for the Help of Retarded Children (AHRC). They’ve got me entered into the system, but they’re trying to figure out where they can place me.

I found out about the job through my mom, who works at the company. She’s made some great connections at the company, and I was able to go and just market myself. I talked to people, told them what I want to do, and what my goals are. I was trying to decide between an internship in Washington D.C. at the Department of Health and Human Services and this job I’m up for now. My research project coordinator at school helped me get the application for the internship together. I decided, after talking to my mother, to apply for the job with AHRC and allow the job to pay for graduate school. I’ve also applied to CAMBA Inc. , which deals directly with the research I was involved with at school, infant mortality and pregnancy prevention. I’m still going for a couple jobs right now but these are the two that I’m focusing my attention on.

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  • Alamisha

    C0ngrats c0usin! You’re lookin good and doing great.

  • Marsha

    I am so proud of you cousin congratulations.

  • Shante Dash

    Congratulations Soror Holloway as you continue to accomplish great things. Keep rising above the challenges and best wishes on your career path.

  • Jenira Duncan

    Congratulations My Soror and Friend,

    I am extremely proud of your accomplishments. Hard word does pay off!

  • Congratulations to my chapter soror, I am very proud of your drive and determination. I look forward to congratulating you again very soon when you become the dean of students…There is no limit just keep aiming high!

  • Charda`

    Lane College, The Power of Potential!!!

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