How Recent Graduates Are Navigating the Job Market

Young jobseekers talk challenges, alternatives

0810_CollegeRavenHollowayRaven Holloway
Temple University, Philadelphia
Public Health

My friends and I have been in school for four to five years and we kind of feel it’s the worst time to graduate. Some of my friends have been working at clothing stores so they’re going to keep those jobs. I had been actively looking for a job for about eight months and looking into graduate programs since the job market is so bad. I sent out three or four resumes a week. I found there weren’t a lot of entry-level positions available. A lot of jobs say a bachelor’s degree is required, but master’s degree preferred. I feel like my bachelor’s degree is the equivalent to a high school diploma.

In July, I was accepted into the master’s degree program in Higher Education Administration program at Rowan University in New Jersey. I came across the position through my work as a resident assistant at Temple University. I wanted to move away from my undergraduate major, public health, since I eventually want to be a dean of students. Along with attending grad school, I am also in the middle of training to become a resident director at Rowan. My tuition will be paid in full, and I’ll also receive a partial meal plan and a stipend.

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  • Alamisha

    C0ngrats c0usin! You’re lookin good and doing great.

  • Marsha

    I am so proud of you cousin congratulations.

  • Shante Dash

    Congratulations Soror Holloway as you continue to accomplish great things. Keep rising above the challenges and best wishes on your career path.

  • Jenira Duncan

    Congratulations My Soror and Friend,

    I am extremely proud of your accomplishments. Hard word does pay off!

  • Congratulations to my chapter soror, I am very proud of your drive and determination. I look forward to congratulating you again very soon when you become the dean of students…There is no limit just keep aiming high!

  • Charda`

    Lane College, The Power of Potential!!!

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