How to Deal with the Boss From Hell

See why managing up could be your way out


They boast about accomplishments, but are quick to throw someone under the bus when something doesn’t go well. They rarely take up for the team when things could have been executed better.

  • Learn to toot your own horn to the right people, Lyons advises. “Set the story straight in a diplomatic manner before the boss even has the chance to take credit.”
  • Begin documenting your efforts, including successes and failures. “You don’t have to share this information each time there is a transgression,” Lyons says. But, if employees begin to see patterns that influence important outcomes such as pay and promotion, then they can determine the next step in using the information that they’ve observed, she adds.
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  • Linda Swearingen McGrue

    As an almost 50 year old African American woman with both civilian and military careers, I’ve probably had a dose of each boss listed. One of them would get up at an ungodly hour (kind of like this post time) and send me about 10 of their to-do items which I need to get accomplished in addition to managing my sales team and making sales goals. Guess what? I saw what time the e-mails were being sent and set my clock and my coffepot for about 30 minutes after that. Each item was done before I even got dressed. The bottom line is this – there are good bosses, bad ones, and some in between, but don’t ever let that affect the way you do what you have to – in excellence.

  • Mattie Deed

    Need your feedback!! I work with a hater boss who is a control freak and micro-manager. She has the support of all the higher bosses. I am fed up with her poor management skills and leadership. Whenever I need to take time off from work, she reacts like I am not supposed to take time off; she’s always late for work, always leaving out for appointments and to talk on her cell phone! I have been with the organization for almost 5 years. During my first two years, my resumes were perfect; the last two and a half years she has been rewriting all my resumes and act like she created them. Please let me know your thoughts.

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