Identifying Your Skill Set

What you should know first before looking for a new job

differentiates between skills and strengths and recommends the Kolbe A Index and StrengthsFinders as effective strengths assessment tools. Career coaches and résumé-writing services are another resource. While career coaching is often a long-term relationship in which goals, objectives, and strategies for meeting them are set, a résumé-writing service will identify strengths and talents on paper and may be a cost effective alternative.

Further Reading

Knowledge Skills: What are your degrees and certifications? What languages do you speak? What is your area of training?

Experience Skills: What are the toughest challenges you’ve had in your career? When did you implement a change or improve a process at work? What’s the best or worst business decision you’ve ever made? How have you handled a bad review or poor customer feedback? How have you impacted people around you?

Personal Skills: How would you define yourself? How would you define your strengths? What would others want to change in you? How would others define you?

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Originally published in the November 2008 issue.

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