Power Women Giving Back: Industry Leaders Talk What It Takes for Women to Succeed


At the I'mPOSSIBLE Conversations event at the L'oreal Soho Academy---the first held in New York---power women in media, entertainment, and philanthropy shared their stories of challenge and triumph in their careers, and tips for advancement of women of color in their respective industries.

Moderated by global writer and commentator Lola Adesioye, second from left, the panel included, from far right, Whitney-Gayle Benta, senior vice president of talent relations at Revolt TV; Estelle, Grammy-award winning singer and entrepreneur; Corynne Corbett, founder of Beauty Biz Camp; Gilda Squire, media relations professional and entrepreneur; and Angela Jackson, founder of Global Language Project; 

(Images: Alakija Studios)

At the I’mPOSSIBLE Conversations event at the L’oreal Soho Academy—the first held in New York—power…

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