#GT2012: Jodi Brockington Brings Her Networking Game to The Challenge

The mission of this "Master Connector": Making a difference, having fun and bringing as many "Friends of Jodi" as she can along for the ride

BE: What is the purpose of friendsofjodi.com?

The purpose of the site is for media marketing and strategy, though it is being revamped and will be up with a new look in September.

I now blog regularly for NV Magazine and I guest blog on different sites including The Boss Network.  I share career tips on networking, changing your career game, things to get ahead, what to do if you’re overqualified, how to convince someone that if you have too many degrees and more than what they’re looking for, you can still benefit their company, etc. I am also revamping the site for my firm, NiaraConsulting.com, where we handle career strategy, coaching, and counseling.

BE: Can you identify the most important things an attendee should be doing to maximize their experience at the GT2012?

Find another person to join them. [Check for special registration discounts for couples and groups.]

Use the next few weeks to get their body in shape because even if you are just going for the spa treatments, the Doral is not small and there’s quite a bit of walking. They will need to have enough stamina to last them through the night for the concerts with all the performers including Raphael Saadiq and Chris Spencer.

If they don’t know who some of the artists are, they should get familiar. I believe people get there and are like who’s this?

If they are going for some kind of networking purposes, they should look at the companies who have been supporting the Golf and Tennis Challenge over the past few years because a lot of their top folks are there.

Subscribe to [Black Enterprise] magazine if they haven’t already, or at least sign up for all of the social media platforms that Black Enterprise has; follow the hashtag #GT2012 on Twitter and the Black Enterprise Facebook page.

Pay attention to what’s going on in the financial and political world that will impact our lives.

Read the agenda for the different colors and themes of the day and evening.

If you are playing any of the sports make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and the right gear.

Get ready to have a great time. We don’t need you there if you are not coming to have fun – less is more in that case.


Join game-changing professionals and entrepreneurs for a weekend of networking and fun in the sun at the Black Enterprise/Pepsi Golf & Tennis Challenge in Miami, FL, at the Doral Golf Resort & Spa, Aug. 30 – Sept. 3, 2012. Register now and enter discount code DGT13 to receive $100 off between now and August 24, 2012. (Cannot be combined with other offers.) Whether you want to relax at the spa, lay by the pool, play all day or be wined and dined, it’s “hotter in Miami” this Labor Day Weekend. Select your package now at blackenterprise.com/gt. Search #GT2012 on Twitter for Updates!


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  • These tips are invaluable! I’ve been to the Golf and Tennis Challenge and wish I would have had these nuggets the first time I attended. Thanks for sharing Jodi and wishing you the best in your next steps connecting people!