Make That Second Job Work For You

How to manage additional work to supplement your income

priority. “Do not miss deadlines at work and definitely do not conduct tasks associated with your second job on your day job,” warns Davis-DeFoe.

Figure out what will your tax liability will become. Having a second job that pushes you into a higher tax bracket may not be worth your time. Make sure too that your second employer is withholding enough in federal taxes each week.

Consider holding your part-time gig for a limited period. “Moonlighting is an excellent way to learn new skills, obtain experience in a new industry, or achieve a financial goal and the second job is worked for a short time,” says Davis. Set earnings goal to use your extra cash for something such as paying off a credit card debt or establishing a savings. Extended moonlighting tends to cause personal, physical and career stress as managing these multiple demands is challenging,” says Davis-DeFoe says. Know when it’s time to cash that last second paycheck and quit.


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